When I arrived at Carrie’s house to record today’s episode, I had some prepared topics to talk about, one of which was movie & Broadway musicals. Our discussion on that topic went at least twice as long as I had thought it would. When I went home and started trying to pick songs from those musicals to play on the show, the list of tunes I wanted to include kept growing and growing until I said, ‘Screw it, I’m making this a special.’ That is why at no time during this episode do we mention that this is the Bad Rapport MUSICALS SPECIAL which ended up being just under 4 hours long. The first third of this podcast is mostly us talking, doing our usual ‘what have Carrie & Luke been up to lately’ segments, plus News of the Stupid. The latter two-thirds is the Musical Special and is so jammed packed with music, it’ll make you break into a spontaneous dance number at your cubicle. So prepare yourself to hear awesome classic showtunes featuring Robert Preston, Kevin Kline, Tim Curry, Caroll Burnett, Steve Martin, Jim Broadbent, Catherine Zeta Jones, Sasha Baron Cohen, Helena Bonham Carter, and a cover by Big Daddy. Until next time, break a leg, everybody.

Episode length: 3:52:32

Episode #077.5 – MarsCon 2013 Dementia Track Fund Raiser Preview

This is not a regular episode of Bad Rapport, this is a commercial for MarsCon 2013 and this year’s Dementia Track Fund Raiser 3-CD & MP3 sets, which you can purchase at MarsCon Dementia dot com.

Songs played:
* The Floating Princess – TV’s Kyle, featuring Seamonkey, JayeKitty, and the great Luke Ski
* A Song For Worm Quartet To Sing With TV’s Kyle – Worm Quartet, featuring TV’s Kyle
* Hooters Up The Street – The Boobles, featuring Dino-Mike
* Zombie Apocalypse Barbecue – Consortium Of Genius
* I Am The Doctor – Devo Spice
* There’s A Platypus Controlling Me – Devo Spice
* Bye Bye Ladies – the great Luke Ski, featuring TV’s Kyle and Chris Mezzolesta
* We Are The FuMP – The FuMP

Episode length: 35:53