Episode #073 – DISNEY SPECIAL

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference that this episode is SIX HOURS LONG!!! Join the great Luke Ski, Carrie Dahlby, and TV’s Kyle as they cover 84 years worth of cartoon, movie, TV, video game, & theme park entertainment, interspersed with an hour and 40 minutes of music & comedy tracks from the house that Walt built as well as by the likes of Brave Combo, the Replacements, Flat 29, Willio & Philio, Throwing Toasters, brentalfloss, The Dark Clan, Raymond & Scum, Power Salad, Patton Oswalt, Da Vinci’s Notebook, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Rob Paravonian, Barenaked Ladies, and They Might Be Giants. As they say at the Haunted Mansion, “there’s no turning back now”, so like a poisoned apple, you can slowly digest this this audiobook with benefits while you impatiently wait for “Wreck-It Ralph”, Disney’s 52nd full length animated feature film, hitting movie theaters on November 2nd. Until next time Mouseketeers, LET’S GET DANGEROUS!

Episode Length: 6:00:07

Episode #072 – Brutally Optimistic

It’s our shortest episode in a very long time, at just 1 hour and 20 minutes! Why so short? Because in 3 days we’re posting another SPECIAL episode (remember the Transformers & Muppets specials?) which is likely going to be very LOOONG. Also, our lives are going to be so busy in the coming few weeks, that we might not get a chance to record another episode until after the election. So we wanted to make sure we could squeeze in at least one more regular episode while we had the chance, so we could do our usual segments like News of the Stupid, and play some spooky music for Halloween by Grant Baciocco, TV’s Kyle, Insane Clown Posse, and an ‘Odd New Wave’ classic by Rockwell. Also, Luke recaps Archon, and Carrie tells the scary tale of “The Baby That Wouldn’t Stop Growing!” It crawls! It sprouts teeth! It sits up on it’s own! Run while you still can!!!

Episode length: 1:20:13