Episode #143 – 20 YEARS of Friendship

The first two 15-minute segments of this episode were recorded in June 2023 when Carrie and Alexann were visiting Luke in Burbank, and features them and the Bad Rapport debut of Luke’s new roommate, Santana Maynard! The next 5 segments after that were recorded in July 2023, and featured Carrie talking about travel woes, Luke talking about getting high on the 4th of July, and we both review “Peacemaker” Season 1 and the first 7 episodes of the anime “Komi Can’t Communicate”. At that point (months before the SAG/AFTRA strike, which we both support), I was supposed to have finished editing and posting the episode. Well, real life got in the way as it always does, which kept me from editing the episode for 3 months until after FuMPFeST 2023 ended.
Carrie pointed out that we were closing in on October 25th, 2023, which is the 20th Anniversary of the day Carrie and I met. Ten years ago we did a whole huge special episode recapping the first ten years of our friendship (Episode #93). So we figured it made sense for us to record a couple more segments having an unprepared (my fault) conversation about some of the highlights of what she and I have been doing together and separately over the past 10 years to commemorate two decades Carrie interrupting Luke and Luke belching on the mic to annoy Carrie. So that’s what we did. You’re welcome, I guess?

Also, there hasn’t been a Bad Rapport podcast posted in the month of October since 2019, so I have been saving up some HALLOWEEN BANGERS for you all to rock out to! The comedy and music tracks for this episode are by The Ghost And Molly McGee, the great Luke Ski, Peter Hollens, Whitney Avalon, The Muppets, MC Lars, Schaffer the Darklord, Josh Gad, Alex Brightman, mc chris, Adventure Time, Rob Paravonian, The Cuphead Show, Skunk Barf, Art Paul Schlosser, brentalfloss, Mighty Magiswords, Insane Ian, TV’s Kyle, Eminem, WandaVision, Wig Wam, Peacemaker, Freeced featuring Awkward Marina, Mega Ran, Devo Spice, Jeff Whitmire, Carrie Dahlby, Chris Mezzolesta, Green Jelly, Posehn, and Trevor Strong.

What do you get when you put it all together?… You get Episode #143 of “Luke & Carrie’s Bad Rapport”, featuring an AMAZING commissioned piece of art by FuMP superfan CHUCK! Please follow her on social media, @vv3spa on Instagram and Twitter, her commission prices are pinned to the top of her feed! Speaking of ‘feed’… “CHICKEN!”

Episode length: 4:04:04 (4-4-4: Two-Thirds of the Beast!)

4 thoughts on Episode #143 – 20 YEARS of Friendship

  1. First again? You other listeners aren’t going to let me be the only commenter again, are you? Anyway, glad you got to do a episode full of Halloween songs, Luke. And happy bidecafriendiversary!

  2. I did listen to the last episode (though I had to download it directly from the site since I can’t seem to resubscribe to the podcast feed from my new(-ish) computer.

  3. And, that comment got sent before I finished writing it. What the heck?

    Anyhoo, what I was about to say was I did listen to the episode, I just didn’t leave a comment. Can’t remember why though.

    As for this episode, just to fill in a gap on the discussion about James Gunn’s firing and re-hiring by Disney, that was an astroturf effort by a Right Wing activist and also Nazi sympathizer and date rapist (yes, really) Mike Cernovich. The only people who were genuinely on board with Disney letting James Gunn go were people who were not on-line enough to be aware of the context. I’m not mad at them, they got suckered by someone with no principles taking advantage of them for having any.

    What really makes Disney’s decision back then stupid was this came not too long after the same guy had tried and basically failed to pull the same trick on Sam Seder when he was a regular guest commentator on MSNBC (he’s also the voice of Hugo on Bob’s Burgers) over a tweet mocking defenders of Roman Polanski that was taken way out of context. MSNBC did let him go too, like Disney did with Gunn, but unlike Disney, it took all of about 24 hours for them to undo it after pushback. Cernovich had used the same tactic mere months prior, and failed, and Disney still fell for it and basically doubled down on it for more than a year. That’s just embarrassing.

  4. Hey Whiny McWhinerface. Just because I didn’t leave a comment doesn’t mean I didn’t listen.

    Even when I do think of comments, I’m usually listening to the podcast while driving. And since I have the attention span of a gnat, I’ve usually forgotten it by the time I get out of the car

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