Episode #043 – Deservedly Not Nominated

Suddenly, Carrie and Luke found themselves recording a regular episode of their podcast in a pretty regular way at their regular date and time. This was unexpected this week, but it happened nonetheless. Hopefully it will have been worth it in some way. You’ll hear Luke tell tales of cutthroat games of Pictionary, Carrie tells us that the movie “Tree Of Life” sucks and should be avoided at all costs, and you’ll find out which one of our hosts stole things from a business they were paid to protect. Also, Luke bears his soul and for the first time on this podcast goes into detail about the first creative passion of his life, and makes an offer to the listeners to get a chance to experience it for themselves. There’s also News of the Stupid, and comedy tracks by Groucho Marx, George Carlin, Green Jello, and They Might Be Giants. Years from now, when you remember listening to Bad Rapport, will you say to yourself  “those were the best days of my life”? Probably not.

Episode length: 2:06:21

5 thoughts on Episode #043 – Deservedly Not Nominated

  1. Luke, in reference to hearing a sound clip from Convoy in worlds address, TMBG actually have lots of references to CB Radios in their songs. I always thought that was interesting. Before the internet, i had a base station(cb in a house with very large antenna) in my room and would chat with all the other folks with cbs in the area, so i know all the cb lingo. one song in particular is filled with almost nothing but cb lingo call rabbit child. one thing i’ve always loved about tmbg is all their little obscure nuggets of joy in their songs.

  2. Given my track record of liking movies a bit outsdie the mainstream audience’s tastes, I’ll probably end up liking Tree Of Life if I see, but before I do that I have one question for Carrie; what did you think of that film’s director’s second most recent work The Thin Red Line?

  3. @Arkle – I don’t know what Carrie’s response will be, but to quote Roger Ebert on The Thin Red Line “The movie’s schizophrenia keeps it from greatness”. Personally, I want my three hours back.

  4. sorry if this is long but this is my first comment. i was in a car accent nov 1 broke my pelvis in 3 places. i had jsut started listening to your podcast before everything and i have to say it helped get me thought boredom. so i would just like to say “thank you for being out there” Luke thank you for informing me that there is still a con in milwaukee i miss it when gencon was here. Carrie, its cool you name stuff i name tons of stuff like my garden gnome named roamin, i would also care to me you so i could say hello i acted really lame when i met luke, casue i geeked out cause i was meeting the awsomeness face to face, besides you are both people as well, so no need to act so lame. lol thank you again and sorry that was so long

  5. Oh my god, I remember Electric Haunted House Of Love!! I always thought it was by KISS since the DJs never said the names of the artists for the songs they played.

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