Episode #056 – Fruits Of The Boob Tree

At this point Luke’s brain is so mired in MarsCon 2012 preparations that he forgot to mention that he had the #1 song on Dr. Demento’s Funny 25 Countdown of 2011. You can read all about it at Luke’s LiveJournal. In this episode, Carrie talks about her High School Drama Club experiences, Luke unsuccessfully tries to impose a New Year’s resolution on Carrie, and the two of them get into an argument about which of the two of them has been trying to retcon their past dating relationship out of the continuity of this reality. We also have comedy & music tracks from Insane Clown Posse, the great Luke Ski, Dan Telfer, and George Clinton. Not to be confused with “Snoopy The Dogg”. OKAAAAY!

Links to the images from the two examples of the “Boob Tree” drawing/phrase guessing game discussed in this episode are here: EXAMPLE #1, EXAMPLE #2.ย Coming very soon to this podcast feed: The MarsCon 2012 Dementia Track Fund Raiser CD/MP3 album Preview!

Episode length: 1:50:34

8 thoughts on Episode #056 – Fruits Of The Boob Tree

  1. I can empathize with the mom-role thing. My wife suffered under the same curse, and I think that’s what mostly soured her on any attempt to continue acting in the community after she finished high school.

    Luke is definitely not the only one who remembers the Sledge Hammer! TV show. I always got a kick out of it as a kid and loved all the romantic bits between him and his gun…but then again, I have fond memories of Manimal, so my taste may be suspect.

  2. I frikkin’ LOVED Sledge Hammer as a kid.

    ANd I never got a chance to comment on the previous episode, but I felt the title should have been “Goat In The Moment”, as you said that more often…but that sounds like the title of a TV’s Kyle song.

  3. In the last couple of episodes you’ve hit on a couple of shows that have phrases my family uses frequently. Last episode’s was Yukon Cornelius – whenever we have thick fog, it’s always “this fog’s as thick as peanut butter”. This week’s is from Sledge Hammer – the sergeant was chewing out Sledge again, and calling him a chauvinist, that he thought violence was the answer to everything, etc. Sledge says “is that why you called me in here, just to shower me with compliments?”

    Thanks for another fun show!

  4. I loved hearing the idea of “Boob Tree” . I thought there was an official game of it under a more PC name, but I can’t think of the name off the top of my head. Regarding The Music Man, it’s one of my favorite musicals, especially since my family was involved in two productions of it, the second one with my dad as Harold Hill. The song you were thinking of, Carrie, that Marion and Harold sang and swapped was a slight reprise of Til There Was You/Seventy Six Trombones.

  5. I should have known better knowing the subject and that it’s an explicite podcast, but a NSFW tag on the second Boob-Tree stack would have been nice ๐Ÿ™‚

    All I can think of when Luke talks about Be Ammused By Me as being the end of an era is – “Luke’s going to take dementia to a whole new level… Number 27 … *burp* … Number 27 … *burp* … Number 27 … *burp* *Carrie-slap*!”

    Make the music/art you want, not the music/art your fans want. You’ll get better results, and you’ll attract the fans that want what you want to make.

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