Episode #071 – Sad Raspberries

In this episode, Luke Ski finally gives his promised shout-outs to everyone to donated to his Kickstarter, which happens about 4 and a half minutes into the show.

Carrie recounts her recent trip to Michigan and reads a list of Alex’s many nicknames, and Luke tells us a lurid tale of intrigue and criminal behavior from his youth that he’s never told anyone before.

Also in this episode we have News of the Stupid and a whole bunch of classic dementia by comedy music legend Allan Sherman. We also have  The Arrogant Worms, a track from Worm Quartet’s new album “Songs of the Maniacs”, a track from Insane Ian‘s new album “Grand Theft Audio”, and a parody of a Carrie Dahlby song by super-fan “Goofy Gary” Arnold.

Warning: Bad Rapport will not be held responsible if music heard in the background of this episode makes you do the Ed Grimley dance.

Episode Length: 2:09:42

9 thoughts on Episode #071 – Sad Raspberries

  1. There was one glaring omission on the Alex nickname list: PRESIDENT BABY.

  2. Hooray for shout-outs! That was fun.

    Also, Alex’s raspberry noises are intensely adorable.

  3. Speaking of birthdays, Carrie, I’ve been wondering what you think of your song “The Last Half Birthday” now.

  4. I had an episode of Rob Paulsen’s “Talking Toons” podcast right before this episode on my playlist, and now I can’t help thinking of the possibilities of the Kickstarter shout-outs and/or the list of Alex’s nicknames done as “Yakko’s World”-style list songs.

    On a completely non-Bad Rapport-related note, is it weird that when I read “Conspiracy Keanu” memes, I don’t hear the actual Keanu Reeves in my head, but Luke’s voice from “Keanu Man” instead?

  5. Re: Luke’s comment on my comment for episode 71: I didn’t realize you guys got that few submissions for News of the Stupid. Guess I sort of assumed that it was like other podcasts and web shows I submit to where it’s often really a dice roll if my submission makes it given I’m competing with more than 100 people at any given time.

  6. Thanks bunches for the super nice comments directed in my general direction, and for playing “Everyone’s a Stooge”. And I loved the list of Alex’s names.

  7. Luke what was the name of the Android app you where using to record the show?

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