Episode #077 – Mint Loaf Custody Hearing

It’s New Year’s Eve, and what better way is there to spend the evening  and say goodbye to 2012 than to listen to some of the best comedy music of this year that slipped through the cracks and somehow never got played on any of our previous 2012 Bad Rapport episodes? Well, there’s probably a lot of better ways to spend the evening on New Year’s Eve, but tough, you’re stuck with awesome tunes by Smashy Claw, Kobi LaCroix, Morning Sidekick, Power Salad, TV’s Kyle, Consortium Of Genius, Ookla The Mok, Paul & Storm, Tenacious D, Devo Spice, and Cookie Monster.

These tracks and many others played earlier this year on Bad Rapport are all fine contenders to be suggestions for nominations for the 2013 Logan Awards, so please head over to the website between January 1st through 14th and get your suggestions in while you still can!

Also in the episode, Luke and Carrie tell us about heir respective Christmas hauls (double meaning inferred), discuss geeky traditions of various holidays throughout the whole year, read some News of the Stupid, and there’s some more caricature stories which contain just enough sweet, sweet ignorance to make Luke Ski smack his forehead quite loudly, captured in glorius 128k digital stereo, so keep an ear out for that.

Thanks for listening everyone, and we’ll talk to you all again in 2013!

Episode Length: 2:28:03

12 thoughts on Episode #077 – Mint Loaf Custody Hearing

  1. I never really felt the draw to A Christmas Story that others did, so I’d be inclined to agree that TBS pushed it into our consciousness. I certainly became a fanboy of Beastmaster & Dragonslayer after watching them way too many times on TBS as I was growing up. So, there is certainly evidence to support that theory.

    Just a quick note, the Rifftrax for the Doctor Who episodes and some of the other movies you mentioned are actually iRiffs rather than official Rifftrax (i.e. no Mike, Kevin, or Bill). The iRiffs are a service Rifftrax offers where other people can sell riff commentaries through their site. For instance, Mystery Spatula Theater 11 could post audio files there, and Rifftrax would take a cut of profits from any sales you made.

    The Twilight Rifftrax are among the best they’ve ever done. My wife & I couldn’t bear sitting through a second of those movies without help from the Rifftrax crew, but we look forward to each of the DVD releases just so we can enjoy the Rifftrax versions. (Note, I could never bring myself to actually pay money for these movies, so thank goodness for the library system allowing me to borrow them.)

    Good luck with finding time to get through Epic Mickey 2. I got it for Christmas as well, and I’ve found myself staying up to 3-4 AM playing it. It’s quite the time sink for me, and I think I’m still less then two thirds of the way through my first play-through. From hints I’ve picked up in the game so far, I think it will take at least four play-throughs to get a 100% completion rate. Gods, I hate being OCD about my game playing.

  2. I liked watching A Christmas Story when I was a kid but as I got older I just found the main character Ralphie was a whiny brat. I also agree with you on TBS just bombarding us with it, but before that they did the same with It’s a Wonderful Life and that is a classic.

  3. It was lot of stations will play It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmas. You would change the station and it would be the same movie.

  4. A Christmas Story has some good pull quotes, but otherwise is highly overrated. That said, the sequel. Good gods, the sequel. First of all, it came out just last year. That’s a bad sign in itself, but the trailer was so badly put together that for months I (and many other people I talked to about it) thought it had to have been a joke, a gag done by College Humor or Funny or Die or some site like that. But nope, it’s real. It is tragically, painfully, real.

  5. I got moonbeams son ferris the Richard scary book too(one of my fave from kiddom) and gold bug IS on every two page spears. I had to help the nances find them all and if you need help too,let me know

  6. One thing I particularly remember from Cars and Trucks and Things That Go is the Hog Family. They have a huge RV with everything you can think of strapped to it. My family did a lot of “camping”, so we saw a lot of Hog Families.

    Also, Alex is still cute when he gets banished to the other room.

  7. We have Cars and Trucks and Things That Go, although I think it was my wife’s book from when she was a kid because it’s kind of old and beat up. But I can confirm that Goldbug is on every spread except the first. My kids make it a point to find him on every page every time we read that book.

    Although now I see Bill’s comment above. Is he on the first spread too, Bill? If so, where?

  8. I love the comment “Halloween is amateur night”. That is so true: non-geeks get to do what we geeks do all year at cons.

  9. Oh Luke… what a terribly controversial thing to say that A Christmas Story is only popular due to TBS. I remember this moving being HUGE long before TBS got in the mix. We didn’t have cable in my house until about the 1994 but every year we had to watch that damn movie. I remember my mom taking us to see it in the theater(an EXTREMELY rare occurance for me) and I remember it being talked about by friends, neighbors, and relatives long before TBS started airing it(in 1989 according to wiki). This movie would be just as big without TBS. TBS did not start the tradition, they just cashed in on it.

  10. Sorry, last one for this episode. Devo, gold bug is in the fuel truck in the spread where the pigs are packing up to leave the house.

  11. A Christmas story has been a favorite in my family’s house since it came out for many reasons. Not the least of which, because my sister HATES it (she’s even hidden the DVD player on Christmas morning so it couldn’t be played at her house). We bought the VHS and the DVD prior to TBS being available in our cable market, so I think TBS initially capitalized on an existing fan base, and helped it grow in following years.

    There’s actually another sequel to the movie entitled “It Runs In The Family” – not the Kirk/Michael Douglas movie. It’s also known as “My Summer Story” – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110168/. It’s much better than the more recent direct to the trash bin DVD release.

    I’ve only watched the 1/2 have of a Christmas Story II. I may finish it, but only for completeness. Regardless of that, I still want an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!

    One geeky tradition that I’ve tried to start in my family is watching Monty Python’s Life of Brian at Easter time. It’s much more of an Easter movie than a Christmas movie anyway.

  12. I didn’t see “A Christmas Story” in the theater, and never even saw the trailer before I saw the movie (quite possibly on TBS, but I don’t remember for sure). What I do know is that I loved it the first time I saw it. My favorite Christmas movie is “Christmas Vacation”, but “A Christmas Story” is a distant second, no matter what you haters say ;-).

    The sequel I found out about because I saw it on Netflix (DVD in the mail version). It was two hours of my life I can never have back.

    We have four movies we watch every Christmas season: “Christmas Vacation”, “A Christmas Story”, “It’s a Wonderful Life” (one of the only of movies that can make me cry), and “Love, Actually” (which isn’t, strictly speaking, a Christmas movie, but does take place around Christmas, is one of my wife’s all-time favorite movies, and has an awesome soundtrack).

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