Episode #105 – FuMPFeST 2014

Sometimes it’s hard to think up clever titles for these episodes, and sometimes it just makes sense to title the episode after its primary subject matter. This is both of those times in one. The FuMP .com‘s first convention of its own, “FuMPFeST 2014” is in the history books, and it went really freakin’ well. The first part of this episode was recorded live on stage at FuMPFeST during the Podcast Panel, and features appearances by Josh and Alex, making his live stage performance debut. The second part was recorded at Buca Di Beppo where for the first time ever, all 6 hosts of Luke & Carrie’s Bad Rapport, Blasted Bill & Moonbeam’s Pod Of Destiny, and the Flopcast all recorded a segment together, forming the “Bad Flop-port Of Destiny-cast”! After that, we skip ahead 2 weeks to when Carrie finally got a chance to sit down and review everything that happened at FuMPFeST from her point of view, with Luke interjecting with some highlights. To hear a full super-detailed account of FuMPFeST 2014, go listen to the FuMPcast Episode #211.

This episode features comedy tracks by the Sponge Awareness Foundation, Garden Fresh, Tony Goldmark, Power Salad, Logan Whitehurst, Worm Quartet, Robert Lund & Spaff, Moonbeam, Carrie Dahlby, Insane Ian, Spike Jones, the great Luke Ski, and Kranken Welpen. Please leave us comments on this and our other recent episodes, and we will read them all in Episode #107. (And in case you missed it, go check out the MarsCon 2014 Boob Tree Card images we discussed on Episode #104, the images are now up there.) For right now, Carrie has to move into her new house and I have an album to finish, so we’ll talk to you all again next month, DEMONITES!

Episode length: 2:14:06

3 thoughts on Episode #105 – FuMPFeST 2014

  1. I feel you on the clever titles thing. When I did my podcast Geek of all Trades (which I stopped doing in 2010), coming up with amusing titles was often harder than editing the damn thing. I think probably my best title was the one I came up with for my first full episode, Indiana Jones and the Terrorist Fist Jab. What can I say, I peaked early. At one point I was so desperate for a title I literally used the entry code from one of those contests where you go to a drink’s official website and enter the code on the cap to try and win something. It was a Smirnoff’s cap if I remember right, not that it’s terribly relevant.

  2. For the record, yeah, I saw that “Scrooge in Disneyland” comic in the dealer room. For $2, I’d snag it in a second. For $20, MAYBE if I’m in the right mood. For $200, HAIL no.

  3. I see you played three versions of “Der Fuhrer’s Face” on this episode. Spike Jones, Kranken Welpen, and this one which sounds like Luke and a buddy made it. For some reason, that’s the one which is really tickling me.

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