Episode #115 – Frozen Vs. Hot Sauce

LCBR115The first episode of 2015 begins with a short segment recorded in early January with a special appearance by “Blasted Bill” Putt of the Pod Of Destiny! Next are a couple of segments recorded on Luke’s birthday in mid-January, the latter of which features him talking about his latest song “The Twilight Zone”, and all of which feature Alex being adorable as usual. The show wraps up on Skype on February 1st, with Luke telling Carrie all about his recent visit to Las Vegas with his wife Sara and their friends Matt and Tara.

This episode’s comedy & music tracks are by Heywood Banks, Rathergood.com, the great Luke Ski, Sesame Street, Steve Martin, Ookla The Mok, Veronique Chevalier featuring TV’s Kyle, and MarsCon 2015’s Music Guest Of Honor Rob Paravonian! Speaking of MarsCon, please don’t forget about the MarsCon 2015 Dementia Track Fund Raiser album. Please pick up a copy on MP3 or CD with MP3 today and help pay for the hotel rooms for our non-Guest-of-Honor acts! Thanks, and I hope you all enjoy the show while you’re trapped inside your houses buried in snow.

Episode length: 1:36:48

2 thoughts on Episode #115 – Frozen Vs. Hot Sauce

  1. Nice, a new Bad Rapport comes out on my birthday. As for the Twilight Zone song, I couldn’t agree more. I mean, that song has been around how long and only now has something gotten around to doing a parody about the show Twilight Zone? I suppose an argument could be made that up to now every comedy musician just felt it was too on the nose, but then again with some of the at best mediocre parodies I’ve seen on YouTube when has “too on the nose” ever stopped anyone else?

  2. Hey, did I hear correctly that Luke had a glass or two of champagne in Vegas? How did Sarah take Luke + ethanol?

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