Episode #093 – “LUKE & CARRIE: 10 YEARS” SPECIAL

October 25th, 2013 was the 10th Anniversary of the day Luke Ski met Carrie Dahlby. To mark the occasion, Luke & Carrie went to a restaurant sans spouses, children, and their respective friends, so they could sit down and recount their history together. Circumstances led to them needing 3 separate sessions of this kind to complete the story. Luke trimmed it down a bit in post, and added songs that Luke & Carrie consider significant to their history. Those songs would be by the Fat Boys, Gee As In Jesus, the musical “Chicago“, Da Vinci’s Notebook, The Crest, “Buffy: The Musical“, Monty Python’s “Spamalot“, Flat 29, and the cast of “Red Dwarf“.

Yes, it’s long, but it needed to be. I hope you’ll all take the time to listen to this special episode, and see the comments section for some bonus images and a playlist so you can make your own “Luke & Carrie: The 10th Anniversary Compilation Album” for your iPod.

Thanks for listening. Love, ~ Luke Ski & Carrie Dahlby, October 25th, 2013

Episode length: 3:33:54

21 thoughts on Episode #093 – “LUKE & CARRIE: 10 YEARS” SPECIAL

  1. Here’s a couple of more pics of Luke & Carrie from back in their dating days…

    pic 2

    pic 3

    Luke & Carrie: The 10th Anniversary Compilation Album!
    Here’s a playlist you can make for your iPod or burn onto a CD. If any of these songs are missing from your collection, just click on the title to be linked to a place where you can purchase the song (or the CD that the song is from):

    1. Grease Wars
    2. Vader Boy
    3. Sex Kittens From Mars
    4. UR
    5. Fight Club! The Musical
    6. One Night In Quark’s Bar
    7. Holding Out For Hiro
    8. FuMP-In!
    9. A Middle East Country, A Middle Earth Mountain Troll
    10. I Want My Mischke Back
    11. Marvel Poppins
    12. Anime Fan
    13. Wreckin’ By The Book (The Cake Wrecks Song)
    14. Flat 29 Choo Choo
    15. Jabba Jive
    16. Sneaking Snacks Into The Cinema
    17. Staying Fat
    18. Red Bank, NJ
    19. Luke, Are You Carrie?
    20. Titanic Monday

    If any of you actually go through the effort to make this playlist and listen to it, let us know what you think in the comments below. Thanks! ~ Luke

  2. I just realized that Carrie appears in 2 photos where she’s _not_ wearing pink. Oh, wait, those were probably taken at the same time. Luke’s got that ugly shirt on in both of them. 🙂

  3. OMG! I haven’t heard “Tongue Tied” in ages! Listening to this podcast for 3 hours and 30 minutes was totally worth it. Oh, and learning about Luke and Carrie was fun too. Thanks guys. This must have been uncomfortable at times. We fans appreciate your candor.

  4. I made the mistake of starting to listen to this episode at 10 PM and had to force myself to stop after 90 minutes since I know I need to try to get sleep.

    As I write this, I checked and confirmed that today, Nov 8 is the 10th anniversary of the 2003 Windycon Sat night performance where I first saw and talked to Carrie. Looking for pictures from the masquerade, I came across this: http://www.boston-baden.com/hazel/Pix/2003/pix1979.htm

    The group did go to Buca on Sat night of Marscon 2004 and I have a pic of Carrie singing All That Jazz at Marscon 05 with Luke and Jeremy Bulloch watching.

  5. OK, now I’m starting to have that Greased Lightning parody about the Delta Flyer running through my head. I think I’m going to have to write some lyrics to exorcise this beast. Thanks guys.

  6. I got the giggles when you started playing “Tongue Tied”, but I was expecting for Cat to come in at the end and say this wasn’t the dream he was looking for. Did you get that version from some crazy “Music from Red Dwarf” collection or something, rather than from the show?

  7. Hope that worked. Note: Penguicon 2004 was mid April and I can’t figure out when 2becon 2004 was but I believe Penguicon was first.

  8. I truly enjoyed the podcast and all the back-stories, and I just wanted to say “thank you” to both Luke and Carrie for the frank and very honest conversations here. I know how difficult and uncomfortable it must be to let not only family and friends, but also fans and complete strangers, in on the details of your personal relationships. It took a lot of bravery, but it also made for a fascinating and riveting story. So, thank you both again.

  9. Note: 2becon 2004 was the weekend before Penguicon.

  10. I actually got to listen to the entire podcast in one day! You two actually dated for a lot less time than I had realized. I had met both of you online in fall 2003 and in-person in spring 2005. Being one of the non-midwest friends, there were a lot of details about the time discussed here that I had only heard 2nd or 3rd hand, if I heard them at all before now. It has been an interesting 10 years and I look forward to the next 10.

  11. I am glad that you mentioned when the cover picture were taken since I was unable to decipher the yellow text on the chart in the background (which Carrie’s head covers the year) to try to date it.

  12. Janeway: Mr. Paris, we’ve entered the Delta Flyer in a starhip race, do you feel up to piloting?
    Paris: Just call me Starbuck.
    Janeway: Don’t be ridiculous. Starbuck is a girl’s name.

  13. The anniversary podcast covered about as many days of my commute as it took you to do the actual recording. Bravi to the two of you for making it, and thanks for letting us (horrid voyeurs that we are) get an insight into these years.

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