Episode #057 – Eat Poop You Cat

You’d be surprised how many times when I get to this step in the podcasting process, the typing of the description of the episode, I have a complete feeling of apathy and am in no way in the mood to write something pithy there in an attempt to entertain you, the few listeners who actually care enough to come to this page itself and read these things. This is one of those times. This episode has News of the Stupid and funny music by CB4, Lucas, Digital Underground, Carla Ulbrich, and Flat 29, partially depicted here in cake form. Apparently you can fake a cake on the make. Incidentally, their new album “Secret Handshake” just dropped, you should get it.  However, if you haven’t bought the MarsCon 2012 Dementia Track Fund Raiser album by now, then our ancestors fought and died in the Revolutionary War for nothing. Nice job. Oh, and in this episode Carrie and I talk about stuff, like this article about movies.

Episode length: 1:51:18

2 thoughts on Episode #057 – Eat Poop You Cat

  1. Hey, Ukrainian Christmas really is a “thing”. To be pedantic, it is Eastern Orthodox Christmas, but the Ukrainians are more famous for it.

    The reason for the almost two week difference has to do with the Eastern Orthodox sticking with the original Julian calendar about 300 years longer than the Roman Catholics.

    Of course, it’s not really Ukrainian Christmas if you don’t have 12 meatless dishes (apparently fish is a vegetable) – or so says my mother in law – a.k.a. Baba.

  2. FYI Luke I appreciate the blurbs you put on the website about the various podcasts. Some of us do read and appreciate them. Would have loved to see a sketch of that cake but the one you guys had did sound awesome too.

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