Episode #075 – The Punky QB

Things you’ll find in this episode include:

* An announcement about MarsCon 2013 that made Carrie react in the way that is depicted in this episode’s image.

* My new Disney / Star Wars song “When You Wish Upon A Death Star”, which you can download at the FuMP dot com.

* Luke and Carrie driving Alex to a museum and almost getting lost.

* Special guest host Ken “Madman” Sherlock talking about movies he’s seen lately, and sports. (Yes, sports!)

* News of the Stupid

* More music by Flat 29, Devo Spice, The Gothsicles, Hard ‘n Phirm, and the Chicago Bears Shufflin’ Crew.

Until next time, we’re not here to cause no trouble.

Episode length: 2:44:02

Episode #074 – I’m Gonna Wreck It!

In this episode, Luke tells us all about his & Sara’s vacation to Universal Studios and Disney World as Luke continues to nerd out and celebrate that Walt Disney Animation Studios had their biggest opening weekend for a film ever, making the long awaited “Wreck-It Ralph” #1 at the box office!

Due to busyness and babyness, there wasn’t any real show prep for this episode recorded over the span of 3 days in the past week, so please forgive our rambling, Alex-sound-effect-laiden unpreparedness.

We still have some form of News of the Stupid, and more mouse-related music by Allan Sherman, Tom Smith & the great Luke Ski, and the Buckner & Garcia Band.

But if you have a choice between listening to this episode or seeing “Wreck-It Ralph”, I vote for Ralph.  RALPH 2012!!!

Episode length: 2:42:15