Episode #075 – The Punky QB

Things you’ll find in this episode include:

* An announcement about MarsCon 2013 that made Carrie react in the way that is depicted in this episode’s image.

* My new Disney / Star Wars song “When You Wish Upon A Death Star”, which you can download at the FuMP dot com.

* Luke and Carrie driving Alex to a museum and almost getting lost.

* Special guest host Ken “Madman” Sherlock talking about movies he’s seen lately, and sports. (Yes, sports!)

* News of the Stupid

* More music by Flat 29, Devo Spice, The Gothsicles, Hard ‘n Phirm, and the Chicago Bears Shufflin’ Crew.

Until next time, we’re not here to cause no trouble.

Episode length: 2:44:02

10 thoughts on Episode #075 – The Punky QB

  1. Listening to the start of the podcast. Carrie, now I feel bad about suggesting Alex be made an official third host of the podcast. I will miss hearing Alex when the time comes for Josh to watch him during podcast recording, but understand that it needs to happen. My earlier comments were not meant to be upsetting to you.

  2. In the early 80’s, a few years before the “Super Bowl Shuffle”, The Super Bowl was being held in the Bay Area, and the San Fransisco 49ers were playing in it. That year had the best Super Bowl song ever done IMHO. It was a parody of “I Write The Songs” by Barry Manilow, and it was called “I Throw The Bombs”, and was ostensibly by Barry Joe Montanilow, which is a combination of Barry Manilow and Joe Montana, Who I think was Quarterbacking for the 49ers at the time. I remembered this and tried to find it on the internet, but my searches were fruitless. I don’t know if this was just something done by a local morning show or what. Since you have many resources in the Funny Music community, I thought maybe you could get farther than I did.

    The Lyrics, as much as I can remember, are as follows:

    I’ve been a quarterback forever, And I threw the very first bomb.
    I put the points for the niners on the scoreboard.
    I’m Montanilow, and I throw the bombs.

    I throw the bombs and run the quarterback sneaks
    I make the Rams and Redskins look like such geeks
    I throw the bombs that make the Cowboys cry
    I throw the bombs, I throw the bombs

    My whole team’s right behind me, and we’ve got the playoffs in the bag
    so when I drop back for a pass
    I know that my pocket will never sag.


    to use my moves
    I drop back for a pass, and knock the safety on his
    you’ve got to admit, it’s another world championship

    I’m Montanilow, and I throw the bombs!

  3. Father Beast: I remember that song. I was real upset that the Dolphins had to play the 49ers in Super Bowl XIX (the year before the Bears won) in Stanford Stadium. When my father told me it is like a home game for them (even though the 49ers coach said it felt like one) the 49ers don’t play home games there, I stated, “If there was an earthquake and “their regular field’ was unavailable, they would.”
    In October 1989, the Bay Area Earthquake forced the 49ers to play a game there.

  4. Oops. When my father said it was not like a home game for them…

  5. Thanks for letting me join you for this episode. As I figured, I could see how Kyle was able to talk about cartoons for hours as I could have easily kept going like he did.

    I forgot to mention the most significant achievement of Miami Dolphins fandom.

    In February, 2005, I had a chance for a company party to go to the lounge in Don Shula’s restaurant. Being the coach of the 1972 undefeated Dolphins, it is decked out as a tribute to them with photos including the team photo on a plaque with the scores just like the one that adorns the same wall of my basement with the Dr. Demento autographed record.

    Along the wall in the lounge were 14 footballs each with the score from one of the regular sason games. Looking behing the bar at the three playoff games, I noticed two of them had the wrong score.

    I tried to explain to the bartender and the staff at the restaurant of the error but they didn’t care. To them it is just a job.

    It took three months of emails to the corporate headquarters to finally get a response promising to fix them which they did.

    For Gencon 2006, Luke stayed at the Indy Weston hotel which also has a Don Shula restaurant. The “head coach” (restaurant manager) there told me two of the footballs representing playoff games were also changed the previou year.

  6. I don’t think DS9 was ever going to get a movie; in general it seemed like the critics liked it more than the viewers did. But at least it wasn’t comepletely ignored after it ended on TV. The post- What You Leave Behind novels are considered canon, and the writers took the remaining charatcers to some interesting places, especially in the fan nicknamed Season 8 novels (starting with Avatar Parts 1 & 2 and ending with Unity, with the post-Unity novels published up until this whole Typhon Pact thing which I haven’t read yet started being I guess Season 9), and we got some cool new characters too.

    At the very least I think people should buy the omnibus printing of the first 4 novels + 1 short story of “Season 8” titled Twist of Faith which is easier to find in bookstores than the original individual printings (though there’s always the library if you don’t want to plunk down the $10.00 for a used copy on Amazon). I think Bad Rapport fans will especially the new character of Commander Elias Vaughn, who is pretty much a textbook example of what TV Tropes calls a Badass Grampa.

  7. Like. Will especially LIKE the new character. Yeah, I can type. #facepalm Feel free to correct that on air next show.

  8. Carrie, first, let me say I meant to offense in my statement about “permanently” calling the show “Luke & Carrie & Alex’s Bad rapport”. I *did* mean it in a somewhat joking manor, but it was exemplified in that particular episode because Alex was so prominent. However, if there are episodes were Alex is present and, shall we say, boisterious, a warning of some kind would be appreciated, as I listen on headphones and when Alex was in the car at the beginning of the ep, making your statements all the more ironic, I was being deafened by his squeals of joy. I understand Alex won’t be on episodes permanently, but in the cases where he is, a notice would help, so that those listening who don’t want loud baby noises can chose to skip that episode if they wish. That’s all I meant. ^_^ LOVE YOU GUYS!

  9. In a weird coincidence, over last weekend, I discovered that the date of the Bears-Dolphins game in 1985 (December 2nd) is the same date Dan from Flat 29 was born.

    Makes me feel old 🙂

  10. Luke, I’ve been to Disney World at Christmas before, and it’s less exciting than you’d imagine…mostly due to the insane crowds. The Magic Kingdom sometimes hits capacity by 10am and closes its gates. Let that image sink in. Going to Disney World between halfway through November and halfway through December will let you get the experience of Disney at Christmastime while still being able to move and get on a ride in less than 3 hours.

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