Episode #074 – I’m Gonna Wreck It!

In this episode, Luke tells us all about his & Sara’s vacation to Universal Studios and Disney World as Luke continues to nerd out and celebrate that Walt Disney Animation Studios had their biggest opening weekend for a film ever, making the long awaited “Wreck-It Ralph” #1 at the box office!

Due to busyness and babyness, there wasn’t any real show prep for this episode recorded over the span of 3 days in the past week, so please forgive our rambling, Alex-sound-effect-laiden unpreparedness.

We still have some form of News of the Stupid, and more mouse-related music by Allan Sherman, Tom Smith & the great Luke Ski, and the Buckner & Garcia Band.

But if you have a choice between listening to this episode or seeing “Wreck-It Ralph”, I vote for Ralph.  RALPH 2012!!!

Episode length: 2:42:15

8 thoughts on Episode #074 – I’m Gonna Wreck It!

  1. You guys just need to permanently change the name of the podcast to “Luke & carrie & Alex’s Bad Rapport”.

    I must say, “post-tastic” is the BEST oppositte name of “futureistic”. Well done, sir.

    I can’t beleive you’d never been to the Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater! As often as you’ve been there I fig’d you’d have dined there more than once. It’s my fave place to go to eat! Yes, the food is only ok, but the almosphere is amazing…the tables are IN CARS! The drive-in feel is fantastic.

    And the shakes are great.

    By the way, I now want every segement to end with Carrie repeating what she said this time around ” we better end this segment so i can fart”. Amazing. I may start using that myself on podcasts.

  2. About the Orlando trip: Other than being unable to go to Blizzard Beach were there any other weather issues?

    Since my only extended stay in Orlando was made with family including a 7 year old daughter, I was unable to all the things you and Sara did especially the Halloween event featuring the villians. Hearing you talk about them makes me want to go.

    My personal highlight (and most humbling moment) of my Orlando trip was riding the Hulk coaster at Universal.

  3. Would you agree that it would be awesome if the villians were featured in more than just one day of the year?

    I was with my 7 year old daughter on the Winnie the Pooh ride when it temporarily stopped in the dark due to a minor problem and she freaked out.

  4. Luke, how can a lump of tar, which doesn’t talk, or even move, be a representation of an entire race? What about the tar pit that ate *what’s her name* on Star Trek? What about green slime monsters, sand monsters, etc. etc. – they all represent an idea/challenge to be overcome, not necessarily racial statements. I still think your modern sensibilites and PC training has overtaken you. 🙂
    On another note: I haven’t been to Disney World / Epcot since 1977. What the hell is a captain e-oh? (old man voice)… Glad you had a great time and Sara had a time. 😉

  5. so my new job has some days like my old job in that i travel around alot for a day. the day the disney special came out was one such day. I drove around going from job to job listening to the awesomeness of the disney special. then part way through the day, it was over. and i was like awwww, now i have to find something else to listen to. Then i heard someone make a referce to the disney special saying it was 6 hours long. I thought they were exagerating. Then i heard this episode with you all confirming it was 6 hours long. I totally listened to the entire thing and never realized it was 6 hours. I’m clearly the target demographic for long specials about geeky topics. …..So Luke, how about for the next special you and me talk about Star Trek for several hours (:

  6. Hey, if the Star Trek special happens, count me in. 😉 Kidding of course, I know I’m not in the circle for this podcast.

  7. Learning to like alcohol.
    Your right Luke in that life is to short to go around eating and drinking things you don’t like. However there is a reason to learn to like the taste of alcohol.
    A lot of people learn to like booze in order to get drunk. This is a fine goal, but people who do not share the goal often never develop a taste for alcohol. It turns out alcohol is a excellent delivery method for some the the most elegant flavors humans have developed. By not drinking at all you are eliminating a entire section of human experience from your pallet.
    Unfortunately most people attempt to teach you this buy pouring the most tasteless swill in existence down your gullet to get you drunk, because that is the how most people learn to drink. To be fair you don’t want to give you the best ether because at first you would never be able to taste how good it is. What you need are some drinks you like. There are a wide range of tastes that you can use as a gateway that can give you this slowly over time and make it an enjoyable experience. Something you can accomplish without needing to force feed yourself bile until you puke, because lets face it your not 17.
    So to answer the question, you don’t need to force yourself to drink things you can’t stand to like alcohol. You will need to find things you like which can be difficult at first. As you try more things you will learn to appreciate the flavors in other things more. Which is something to do because if you have ever asked yourself, “is there more to life”, this is one of the more things. Not getting drunk off your ass. That is something, but not the thing we are talking about. We are talking about experiencing some of the most interesting flavors humanity has produced. In time you may even be able to taste the nuances in the swill.

  8. Taking me almost a week at work to listen to this due to all the interruptions, so I’ve forgotten most of my comments. What was Alex so excited about in the “What’s Carrie Up To Now?” segment? I do like Alex’s contributions to the podcast, I just want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George!

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