Episode #091 – YouLickPoo

In this episode we are joined by Ken ‘Madman’ Sherlock, because why call him on the phone when you can have him there in person?

This week, Luke shows Carrie and Ken the BatDad video on YouTube; We do a non-spoilery review of “The World’s End”, we talk about comments “Blasted Bill” Putt made about Luke on on his podcast “The Pod Of Destiny” regarding why Luke never gained notoriety and success neither in the mainstream nor on the internet (Bill is correct about this); Carrie reveals her toddler’s paranormal abilities; Luke explains why he always roots for the underdog and other related neurosis; and cosmic karma finally catches up with Luke at his caricature stand.

We also play comedy tracks by Tony Goldmark, Garden Fresh, Matthieu Chedid, The Wonders, Insane Ian, Neil Patrick Harris, Lemon Demon, Sean Cullen, Jimmy Fallon, and Ylvis. So check out yet another episode of Luke & Carrie’s Bad Rapport: More bad, less rapport!

Episode length: 2:19:32

9 thoughts on Episode #091 – YouLickPoo

  1. Thanks for having me there. It was fun.

    At my job, I mentioned the Bat Dad video to the same 32 year old person who lost interest in the Death Star video due it its length and he (along with the many who liked it) thought the repeat of the same simple joke for 3 minutes was worth watching in full.

    I consider myself fortunate to be one of the thousand or so people who anticipate then enjoy the next completed project by Luke (and everyone else in #Dementia and the FuMP) as opposed to the millions that wait for the next Bat Dad.

  2. Luke,

    I discovered you about 2 years ago. I believe others will discover you as well, but your promoting of yourself is unfocused.

    I’ve heard you mention on this podcast, and on the FuMP podcast, that you skip conventions because they are not profitable. Promotion is not about profit–especially self-promotion. It’s about name recognition. If you skip a convention, nobody that attended the concerts will know your name or tell their friends about your awesome show. You get nothing.

    Now, I’m not saying you should go to every con everywhere. But, you should hit the big ones. I attend LosCon every year out here in L.A. It’s a small con (1000 attendees or so) and not worth your time to come all the way out to California. But, there are HUGE cons everywhere–DragonCon, WorldCon, Fantasy Con–that have tens of hundreds of attendees. Heck, you’ve got enough Disney material to horn in on Disney fan conventions (a GIGANTIC market.) Those large cons need to be a “must-go-to” for you, if only for promotional reasons. Write it off if you don’t make a profit, but BE SEEN by by as many people as possible. Do shows everywhere you can, not just in the Midwest.

    Secondly, you seem to lack focus. I understand that you need to pay the bills with your art. But, how does a time-consuming project like the video for “When you wish upon a death star” help your music career? Any dolt can create video to accompany a random song, and most YouTubers wouldn’t recognize the talent and hard work you put into your video versus a waffle falling over. Videos are usually done by fans–non-Luke-Ski people. How does _your_ video stand from those and promote YOU personally? Personally, I’m impressed because I’ve done animation before. But, I’m already a fan–admittedly a bit more now after that awesome music video–but you didn’t convert me with it.

    That’s what you need to do–convert people. I’m regularly posting likes from the FuMP, hoping some of my friends discover you talented performers. I don’t see many others FuMPers promoting themselves though. You beg for Dr. Demento requests, but his audience is a fraction of what it was back when I was listening to it in the ’70s. And, they already know who you are. I get it, the FuMPers get it, but who else? Reach out to them!

    When you do get discovered by the mainstream, it’s gonna get crazy (that can be said for most of the FuMP performers.) You’ve got so much talent and are nerdy enough to appeal to a tremendous group of people. Find creative ways to promote yourself today, and your success will come.

    Love ya!

  3. Regarding The World’s End… I was the only one of my friends that really enjoyed this movie. Everyone else either disliked the end of the film or were bothered by the lack of character growth in the central character. Personally, I thought that was the whole point. Gary King (Simon Pegg’s character) reminded me a lot of Captain Ahab, but hunting something much more amorphous. I’m glad to hear other people loved it as well.

    As far as Luke’s question about always supporting the underdog, I do share some of that compulsion. However, I think I come to the same destination from a different path. Rather than actively gravitating toward the unloved or least appreciated thing, I have always tended to entirely avoid the most popular things and prefer to explore the overlooked or ignored. That path has led me to some fantastic entertainment, but has also led me to many of my best friends.

    While reading a book I just finished (“I Choose This” by vastly under-appreciated British rocker David Ford), I found myself often reminded of the bewilderment of Luke’s fans at his lack of mainstream success or that of other members of the FuMP and the Dementia genre. In most cases, success in the music industry has very little to do with an artist’s talent and more to do with either sheer, dumb luck or just being sufficiently bland and/or innocuous to get on radio playlists.

  4. Regarding Carrie’s psychic toddler, she better be careful, the ZFT might try to recruit him later in life.

    Can you tell I just started watching Fringe? Thank my Mom for setting me up to watch NetFlix streaming on her account. 🙂

  5. Oh noes. you have hit the my big pet peeve button. Sorry about the long religiously filled comment but what Luke said is something i’m actively trying to fight these days. I try not push my views on others, but I do want to make sure we are all using words correctly. Luke opted out of calling him self an Atheist by using the term agnostic(or maybe Carrie supplied the agnostic part). The fact is that atheist and agnostic describes 2 different things. Atheist describes your belief: Do you actively believe in a god. If the answer is not instantly yes, then you are an Atheist. You lack a belief in god. If you are still questioning it, not sure, or just don’t think about it, then you are an atheist. So many people refuse to use that word because it has strong connotations. If you do believe in a god, then you are a theist. Atheist and theist are the to ends of the belief spectrum. Many people prefer to use the word agnostic because it puts them in a position of not choosing. but Agnostic describes weather you can know if a god exists or not. Agnostics don’t know weather it is possible to know if there is a god or not. Nostics are certain about their knowledge. Weather that knowledge is that god exists or does not exist. I my self fall in the Atheist side of belief and the nostic side of knowledge. I don’t believe in a god and i know with certainty that he does not exist. I know this as much as i know there is currently not a pink elephant in my room. Science may one day change my knowledge on both of these points, but for now i am certain. There are also Athiest Agnostics and Thiest Nostics. I don’t know if there are any Thist Agnostics, but there could be. I hope that every one listening won’t find my rant to boring and will take a few minutes think about where you fall in both belief and in knowledge and more accurately describe where you fall when talking to others about religion. If you’d like to hear more such ranting from my, you can check out me and Bahb’s new podcast at http://dementiaradio.org/scescast

  6. And the opposite of agnostic is gnostic with a silent g. If you’re going to be pedantic, at least oh never mind

  7. I am still catching up on the podcast after my trip. Mrs. Grass seams to have disappeared locally as well. I am NOT happy about this. I have two double-boxes left, time to start rationing myself.

  8. Regarding Mrs. Grass soup; my philosophy is that if you find something you like, buy a lifetime supply of it.

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