Episode #092 – Ceiling Fan Aficionado

If you’re wondering why cartoon Luke & Carrie are dressed up as Firefly characters in this episode’s image, you’ll need to go read the guest strip Luke did for TV’s Kyle’s webcomic “Frog Raccoon Strawberry” to find out. Speaking of Kyle, this week marks the launch of a new podcast born from Bad Rapport & the FuMPcast, the long awaited “Kyle & Luke Talk About Toons” podcast! You can get the RSS feed for Episode #1 at KyleAndLuke.com, and this Bad Rapport episode kicks off with a review of our inaugural Toons episode by Jered “Mr. Tuesday” Perez, who also joins Luke in a recap of this year’s Archon.

This week also marks the 4th birthday of Bad Rapport, but we’re saving all that kind of mush for the next episode. For now, Carrie recounts her recent trip to the Twin Cities with her husband Josh and Alex the uber-toddler while Ken stands nearby. Then Luke presents her with a gift and gives us an update on his much ballyhooed ‘mixtaping’ project. We also have comedy songs by Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Rolf Harris, and some Halloween goodness from the Nightmare Before Christmas, MC Hammer, the Fat Boys featuring Robert Englund, and Schaffer The Darklord, whose new album “Sick Passenger” is an incredible mix of hip-hop, comedy, storytelling, darkness, and redemption. The sooner you go to his bandcamp page and buy it, the better.

Episode length: 2:39:05

7 thoughts on Episode #092 – Ceiling Fan Aficionado

  1. Most people who Pay Their Dues don’t get anything more than a steady meal ticket. The System doesn’t owe anybody anything. Just keep doing what you do, it sounds like you have a lot of great ideas for the future.

  2. Re: Kyle & Luke Talk About Cartoons Master List

    Oh Boy!

    Another Luke Ski Podcast Master List because he obsesses over such things Project!

    Count me in because listening to podcasts is what I do, and I need to catch up on the Fumpcast archive next anyway.

    Many blessings in all your general directions.

    Dementially Yours,


  3. I already started a Talk About Toons list. It has all Kyle’s appearances that are listed in the episode description (including side projects). I scanned for the start times by listening at 8x speed. I thought it might be helpful to add a description of what’s discussed, but I haven’t gotten very far with that. Go ahead and take over on this if you like, as I’m going to be busy.

  4. It’s amusing to follow the origin of the jingle in the first few episodes. But surely the “alienate half of the audience” line is no longer a concern for the new podcast.

  5. Glad to hear that the Luke and Kyle conversations originating on this and the FuMPcast are now a podcast on their own.

    Archon to me seems different than any other con. My favorite part of Archon is also the masquerade since the contestants there bring more to their costume and mostly without having to speak.

    As Gencon is to amazing work on the costumes Archon is that way with the performances in the contest.

  6. Luke, do you realize that with the publication of Worst Tribute Ever, you have now become the ideas man. You come up with the ideas and make these sort of first drafts of them, i. e. your songs, and then other people have taken your ideas and put out the ultimate versions of your songs.

    I’m sure there will be a bunch of people who didn’t get in on the fun of Worst Tribute Ever, and will want their chance, prompting the inevitable publication of Worst Tribute Ever 2: Worst Sequel Ever.
    In about eight to ten years, around the time of the publication of Worst Tribute Ever 3: Worst Trilogy Ever, the great Luke Ski will be known as a songwriter that wrote a huge pile of songs that people found just amazing… when they were performed and made popular by a whole bunch of other comedy artists.

    I’m rather looking forward to seeing this all come out, and of course listening to all those amazing songs.

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