Episode #100 – Live At MarsCon 2014

The numeric prophecy has come to pass, finally justifying my labeling our first episode as “#001”. Lunging forth through the darkness of the internet, our digital audio warhammer has smashed through the barrier separating double digits from triple digits, for after four years, four months, and twenty-six days, the fortnightly-ish podcast known as “Luke & Carrie’s Bad Rapport” has finally arrived at EPISODE 100!!!

This episode was recorded live at MarsCon 2014 as a part of the Dementia Track festivities, and features an audience made of people, our first physical evidence that our show actually has such a thing. You’ll hear many familiar voices in the crowd of this episode, as well as hearing a handful of highlights from past episodes of “LCBR”, as I have always abbreviated it.

The music for this momentus episode comes from Adam English of Ookla The Mok, Wayne & Garth, Mystery Science Theater 3000, T.J. Miller, Flat 29, The Toy Dolls, and three tracks by the great Luke Ski from his new 27-minute-long album “Because Of Bob: Luke Ski’s Kickstarter FAWM album (songs I wrote about people for money)”, which is available physically (for now) and digitally (forever) at LukeSki.bandcamp.com.

Our first episode was titled “Our Motto: Shoot For Tolerable”. So Carrie and Luke put it to you, the listener, did we succeed? Has this show been tolerable, nay, even entertaining? Or has this show devolved even further into a colossal waste of everyone’s time? After listening to this episode, please leave us a comment and let us know. Some congratulatory phone calls to 916-LUKE-SKI would be particularly welcome. No matter what you think of what this show has become, it is undenyable that it still exists, which is at least partially your fault. So take ownership of that by leaving a comment or a voice message, and we’ll see you all at #101, unless all your messages are advising us to stop.

Episode length: 1:39:59

3 thoughts on Episode #100 – Live At MarsCon 2014

  1. Thanks for sharing some of the LCBR fun for those of us that couldn’t be at Marscon. And hey! The spreadsheet team even got a name drop and applause. 🙂

  2. Congrats Luke and Carrie on a C Note of episodes. I have greatly appreciated being able to hear your success with conventions and producing albums. Hope you are around for at least another 100.

    One of your loyal liteners who would miss you if there were no bad rapport.

  3. Congrats on 100! I just got caught up to 100. As another listener who’s been struggling for Parent Time, over the last few weeks, I appreciate the work that Carrie and Luke (and of course their supportive spouses) put into getting this out every fortnight. Here’s to 100s more!

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