Episode #103 – Home Center Dubstep Sale

We’re back to our rebooted format for another episode where we recap everything we’ve been up to since the last time we recapped everything we’ve been up to. Can you say Sisyphus? Alex probably can, and he is heard in our first segment where Carrie tells us all the funny things he has said and done lately, including writing some new funny songs of his own. Luke tells us about Chi-Fi, taxes, his game plan for his 11th album, his mental heatlh and being the Easter Bunny. We also talk about the making of the music video for Power Salad’s “Corned Beef & Cabbage” done for his 50th birthday.

This episode’s tracks are by The MuppetsGarfunkel & OatesWhitney Avalon & Jonathan HurleyCircus Box 21Joe DolceTony GoldmarkSteven Universe, and My Parents Favorite Music featuring Leslie Rising. Luke also tells some caricature ignorance stories and they read your comments. So give us a listen, and don’t forget the horseradish now.

Episode length: 1:50:13

5 thoughts on Episode #103 – Home Center Dubstep Sale

  1. I was always irritated all through growing up whenever an adult would refuse to ever admit that they were wrong about anything, even when they realized they were. So I determined I would not be like that, despite all the adults confidently telling me that I’ll do it, too.

    So I don’t do that. I cheerfully allow my children to correct me, even when I know I’m right. Or especially when I know I’m right.

  2. When you told the story about sleeping with Alex, and thinking and dreaming similar things, I thought this was going to be another Psychic Toddler story.

    Myself, I have never dissuaded my kids from thinking they have psychic powers. As a result, my 20 year old daughter still thinks she can read minds. And maybe she can, I mean, where’s my evidence that she can’t? Besides, I find it convenient that I can talk to her with my mouth full or other such obstruction that makes my actual words unintelligible, and she understands me just fine.

  3. First off, the Bears made it to the Super Bowl only twice, after the 1985 and 2006 seasons whose games were played in January 1986 and February 2007. There were other times when the Bears were in the playoffs so the songs from the Brandmeier show could have been from then.

    Once my sister had a boyfriend in the late 1980s, my mom decided to hold most family “holiday” events the day before or for New Years Day during the afternoon of Jan 1st so there would be no conflict with in-laws so I was at my mom’s on April 19th without an obligation the following day. Erin and I do appreciate the invite and the ability to join you for the CB&C dance. After we recorded it, I noticed I was partially obscured by Carrie so when I was at Matt Duhan’s house the following Tuesday for game night and he said was recording it, I purposely danced behind someone there.

  4. Before Marscon, I heard from people who saw Henry Philips live that he was “California” in his attitude off stage. Since I only listen to podcasts in the car and rarely long enough to listen to a complete LCBR, I realize it is best to comment on what I heard in the time I was listening rather than wait until I finish the episode.

  5. Alex was lots of fun to listen to — the kiddo has some great songs in him!
    I enjoyed hear about what you’re all up to, and was thrilled to hear about the making of the Corned Beef and Cabbage video.
    I can’t thank Luke enough for putting Joe Dolce in as a music selection for this show. I can’t remember the last time I heard Shaddap You Face, but I can remember the FIRST time I heard it! I was a tiny tadpole, and that was my first ever favorite comedy song. Yay Bad Rapport! Love you, Luke and Carrie!

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