Episode #102 – Overreacting Is Your Jam

As much as I have been trying to stick with the new show format which would hopefully produce episodes that are about 90 minutes long with one third of that time being comedy music, some things just can’t be covered quickly. One of those things is our annual coverage of MarsCon, which is our only topic of conversation in this almost 3-hour long episode. This year’s MarsCon saw the return of Carrie Dahlby to the main stage for her own 30-minute concert, as well as Luke’s first performances of “Fake Adult” and “Because Of Bob”. Oh, and did we mention that Dr. Demento was there along with Meep Morp Studios, and that both Luke & Carrie were interviewed for the Dr. Demento documentary “Under The Smogberry Trees” which they are making? Yeah. That, and the whole rest of the weekend, was just incredible.

Among the MarsCon talk we have comedy tracks by Sparrow Folk, TV’s Kyle featuring Insane Ian and Austin Aeschliman, Ylvis, Devo Spice, Tina Fey & The Muppets, Carrie Dahlby, T.J. Miller featuring Bo Burnham, Patton Oswalt, The Confabulation Of Gentry, and Power Salad. So get comfortable and prepare to have your earholes filled with Luke Ski & Carrie Dahlby’s recap of the epicness that was MarsCon 2014.

Episode length: 2:57:59

5 thoughts on Episode #102 – Overreacting Is Your Jam

  1. In response to Arkle’s comment from episode 101, I would further add that Russell Tovey appeared as the same Doctor Who character again at the end of David Tennant’s run (The End of Time: Part 2) when The Doctor slipped Jack Harkness his name during the scene at the bar near the end. A further interesting fact is that his appearance there means that there were 2 major actors from the BBC’s “Being Human” show that appeared in this episode (the other being Sinead Keenan – who played the female alien). If you want to be pedantic, Paul Kasey and Ruari Mears also appeared in this episode and “Being Human”, but both were not very recognizable since they played Oods in Doctor Who and Werewolves in Being Human.

    Also, Alex’s version of “Peter Cottontail” is absolutely pure joy!

  2. Marscon needs a long episode to recap. FYI: At TGI Friday’s Carrie and her family ended up at the same table Dr Demento and Meep Morp sat with Carrie sitting in the chair Dr Demento did. Bill and Sara also were in the “kittens for sale” mosh pit.

  3. I was surprised by how Henry Phillips was with everyone else having heard from others about how he was in the past. In the wrestling, he was just like Flat 29 was last year not totally getting into it until his avatar hit the stage.

    In the middle of the Derwood/Karl Brown exchange in the fan showcase, Kevin from SAF did perform Araby and Emi performed a song at the end. Being the only fan who actually performed in the crowd that might have reached double digits with Wildcard and Jered Perez also there, it makes sense for the fan showcase to be combined with another event if not discontinued as water aerobics has become the preferred morning Marscon activity and it happening at 10AM Saturday morning would have probably gotten more people in the pool.

  4. As far as late Saturday, (after Luke left) Ian and I were making sure Sara and Stephanie were ok. Though I was sober, I don’t remember anything they said that was not already public knowledge but it was amusing to hear them together. I have learned to not consider anything said at a party after 4AM important.

    The two guys from Meep Morp showed up at that time and asked about my place in the group and they found it interesting (and worth interviewing) but then again it was almost 5AM. While talking to them about the project, I asked them about their live footage and they mentioned they missed Carrie’s concert since their Henry Phillips interview ran long. I then asked if they were going to interview Carrie and they said they would want to but wasn’t sure how to get a hold of her. That is when I gave them an example of what I do as I texted Carrie about Meep Morp’s desire to interview her with Luke and to ask Carrie to talk to Luke in the morning since I knew I was not going to be up in time to help.

  5. Also told Meep Morp about Carrie’s musical background which they found interesting.

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