Episode #108 – PlungerQuest

If you enjoy listening to people wander aimlessly around a department store searching for a hand-held suction device, then this is the podcast for you! In this episode, Luke Ski fills us in on the incredibly busy August he had with reports on his one-day solo vacation to the Magic Kingdom, Orlando Nerd Fest 2014, Gen Con Indy 2014, and his family’s trip to the Wisconsin Dells where he got his picture taken as an armed steampunk manaic, as pictured here. We also hear a caricature gig story that was recorded on Luke’s hand-held voice recorder last month when he had lunch at Real Chili with his old pal Mike Guthrie. Carrie tells us about the process of moving her mother-in-law Karen into the house, and we read your comments from the past 5 episodes which we’ve been sorely neglecting due to being distracted by everything we’ve been doing all summer.

In this episode we play comedy tracks by T.D. MischkePatton OswaltWorm Quartet“Weird Al” YankovicHomer HendersonDevo Spice, and a couple of tracks from the great Luke Ski‘s new album “4th Grade Talent Show”. If you have a review of 4GTS, please leave it as a comment here, and we’ll read it in a future show. So sit back and become our… ‘Target audience’. Insert picture of Fozzie Bear smiling here.

Episode length: 2:18:16


5 thoughts on Episode #108 – PlungerQuest

  1. I forgot to try and get this one in before the episode was recorded, but I was hoping you guys could help promote my Kickstarter campaign to re-launch my old show The Casting Game. If that sounds familiar, back in 2011 I actually invited you two on, but you guys politely declined. Anyway, I’m putting the link here even though it’ll probably be over the next time the show records (October 3rd at 4:21 PM). Can’t hurt. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1587255040/re-launching-the-casting-game-podcast And of course, the invitation still stands. I’m sure we could find some topic that one or both of you could cast a movie for. And why not, let’s consider that invite open to everyone from The FuMP too. 🙂

  2. Thanks for continuing to sell the regular CD copy. My husband bought one of those actual ones at GENCON. Glad it went well for you. Hope for success in future CONS.

  3. For some reason when I open iTunes from the desktop and search, the podcast is not in the iTunes store.

  4. Hi Luke & Carrie, and other assorted types,
    Thank you so much for making the Cirque du So What downloads available! I’ll be getting them soon!
    Luke, I wanted to comment on your caricature story, and to offer a possible solution to long lines.
    First the comment;, I think that Adam English is right, and you should increase your rates.
    Secondly; as a semi-professional balloon-twister guy, I found a great solution to long lines, and that is to give people numbers. You can use a marker and a stack of sticky notes, or bring pre-made chips that people can return to you. I actually wrote a number on children’s hands with a permanent marker, so there could be no cheating.
    What ever method you use, this will allow people to go and do whatever they like, and return to you when their number is coming up.
    This allows you also to control when your last customer can be served. I would stop issuing numbers at a certain point. I could then promise people that if I had time at the end, I could maybe issue new numbers. This makes me look like a good guy, and allows full control over the flow of my event.
    Try it sometime and see.
    Dementially Yours,
    Goofy Gary

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