Episode #109 – Crusty Hummus

LCBR109The Halloween spirit has arrived a little early this year, as Carrie tells us the creepy true story of the recent visit she and Alex made to a ‘Waldorf’ Preschool which she was seriously considering enrolling Alex in. That is, until she discovered that Alex would have been better off with a preschool run by Joe Carroll. I realize none of you get that joke pop-culture reference because I am the only person watching “The Following”, but trust me, that was funny. #kevinbacon Anyway, that takes up the first half of this very Carrie-centric episode. She also weighs in on the recent Bad Rapport episode Luke did with Stephanie in the Wisconsin Dells, and we have a sing along with Alex while he’s engaged in waste removal.

Also in this episode, Luke talks about going ‘camping’ with his in-laws, we read your comments from the last episode, and we play comedy tracks from Jonathan Coulton, Patton Oswalt, Adam Sandler, Whitney Avalon, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Shock G, Mike Guthrie, Pat McCurdy, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Doug Walker & the great Luke Ski. Speaking of which, Luke will soon be re-doing his “Luke Ski Top 50” Poll to determine his most popular songs among his fans, so be sure to repeatedly listen to his latest album “4th Grade Talent Show” on CD, MP3, or for free at Bandcamp so you know which tracks you’ll want to mark on the poll as personal favorites of yours. Listen as often as you like, and feel free to heckle the album as much as you want. There is no Statler of limitations. #statler #waldorf #wockawocka

Episode length: 2:27:53

3 thoughts on Episode #109 – Crusty Hummus

  1. Mind blown. I didn’t pick up on the masturbation joke in One More Minute either until Carrie mentioned it on the show. Come to think of it, neither did my Dad, which is more shocking given his sense of humor. That man can turn any sentence into a sexual innuendo. Talk about getting crap past the radar, I’ve listened to that song multiple times over the past 20 plus years, and never picked up on it. The Animaniacs would be jealous.

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