Episode #111 – War Mess

LCBR111Happy Halloween everyone! This episode features some creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky, altogether ‘ooky’ comedy tracks from Robin Williams, Big Daddy, Scooter Picnic, mc chris, The Count, Winnie The Pooh, MC Frontalot, featuring Jean Grae, Insane Clown Posse, the great Luke Ski, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Lewis Black, Epic Rap Battles Of History, MC Lars, & Max DeGroot, that final track (and this episode’s art image) coming from the new “Halloween With The FuMP” compilation album, available now as a CD and a download from the FuMP store, featuring many other tracks played on Bad Rapport on Halloween’s past!

Aside from all that awesomeness, Carrie tells us of her continuing efforts to find the right pre-pre-school for Alex, Luke recounts a recent caricature gig which again put him an awkward position resulting in much internal frustration and injustice rage, and Alex sings a song about a piggy. So, again, Hoggy Halloween!

Episode length: 2:30:32

2 thoughts on Episode #111 – War Mess

  1. This tennis racket business is disturbing. Another kid just came up and hit him? Weren’t there any adults supervising?

  2. Enterovirus from preschool? I’m not shocked. Every time my wife or daughters switch schools or play groups, we all get sick. We think of it of “getting used to the flora” of a new place; kind of like moving to Mexico and drinking the water; eventually you’re body will get used to the new bugs.

    Over the last few episodes I’ve been smiling at some of the songs that we’ve overhead Carrie singing with/to Alex. Some are really neat and pretty. I’m sure many of them Carrie has made up especially for Alex and perhaps they are too personal to share; but, maybe there’d be demand for a download only album of them.

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