Episode #112 – Cranberry Sauce Investment

LCBR112This episode kicks off with with our latest recurring segment in which Alex sings a song: “Blue Mountain Mystery” from the Thomas & Friends movie of the same name.

Then we finally cover the results of the Luke Ski Top 50 Poll for 2014 in a level of detail that only egotistical self-fan like the great Luke Ski would enjoy.

We wrap up with Carrie bringing us up to speed on things involving nap inconsistency, dry ice, and the circle of life playing out just outside her kitchen window.

This episode’s comedy / music tracks, some of which are from the year 2004, are by Randy Quaid, TV’s Kyle, Insane Ian, Epic Rap Battles Of History, the Nick Atoms, the Crest, Shock G, the Arrogant Worms, and the Consortium Of Genius. Until next time, happy Thanksgiving to you and all your birds, squirrels, and chipmunks.

Episode length: 2:03:13

5 thoughts on Episode #112 – Cranberry Sauce Investment

  1. If you’re looking for Peepod alternatives, there’s Delivery.com Instacart.com, and Goodle Express. Might want to give those a try.

  2. As a reason behind the continuing love of shadowcasts for “Once More With Feeling,” consider this: OMWF has five really deep roles for non-cross-cast female actors. Buffy, Dawn, Anya, Tara and Willow all have big parts with lots to do, and there’s still room for the occasional extra like Parking Ticket Lady. Dr. Horrible? One. REPO? Two. Even Rocky Horror has only three.

  3. A couple of episodes ago, Carrie mentioned her personal affection for her song, “Rainbow Train” (which is actually a pretty cool song). That reminded me of a few months ago, when Tony Goldmark expressed his personal love for his own song, “Officer Down”. What I want to know is, is there a song By the great Luke Ski that Luke just has great love for?
    I know that Luke is probably neurotic enough to a) not want to admit he loves a piece of his own work without having objective and sold reasons for doing so, or b) not want to admit that he loves anything without way overthinking why that is. Nevertheless, I wonder if Luke has some inexplicable affection for one of his own songs?

  4. It was interesting hearing Alex sing a song on the show. Makes me wonder when we will hear him sing “T-Rex”.

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