Episode #113 – Squirrel Family Options

LCBR113It’s our annual Christmas episode, which means it’s extra-stuffed full of funny holiday-related tracks from the likes of Paul & Storm, Phineas & Ferb, The Nick Atoms, Hot Waffles, Stephen Colbert, Elephant Larry, Epic Rap Battles Of History, the great Luke Ski, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Patton Oswalt, Garfunkel & Oates, Smooth-E, Richard Cheese, St. Nick, & Devo Spice, and of course Alex the blonde-haired toddler.

For the first time in several months, Luke & Carrie were actually able to get together at a restaurant so they could record a podcast face to face, far away from other distractions and far close to bacon and nachos. In this episode: Carrie tells us of a creepy random encounter with a middle-aged man at a train festival, Luke instigates podcast inception by playing for Carrie a recording of TV’s Kyle talking on the FuMPcast as a means to break some awesomely good news to her, and Luke & Carrie both discuss comedy songs of theirs from the past that didn’t get as much fan love or specific attention as they thought they should have (not that we’re complaining, we’re just pondering why for the purposes of creating quasi-interesting podcast content for you all).

We also tell some ignorance stories and find out what happens when the pendulum of ignorance swings to the entirely opposite extreme, and read your comments from the past 2 episodes. So grab your hot cocoa, or your gelt, or your reindeer jerky or whatever, and enjoy the one episode of the year that’s unapologetically chock full of holiday onslaught.

Episode Length: 2:49:50

1 thought on Episode #113 – Squirrel Family Options

  1. OK, so Luke has requested comments on Twitter, so I shall step up to the plate. Here we go.

    I got nothing.

    Yeah, I know I’ve not commented on the past few episodes lately. That’s pretty much because I’ve been listening to the show on my walks, and of course while I’m out I come up with some funny or insightful thing to leave as a comment when I get back. Only to immediately forget what that comment was going to be as soon as I step through the front door. I recall there being an article explaining why stepping through doorways effects human memory. Gotta love science.

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