Episode #118 – Subject Everyone To The Slurping

LCBR118In this episode, Carrie tells us what Alex did to get his ball pit taken away for a month, and about the mysterious appearance of some potentially prophetic balloons in her backyard. Luke tells us about fulfilling another life-long dream at the Magic Kingdom and helping the “Some Jerk With A Camera” crew film some segments for their respective web review shows at Disneyland.

Then we have a new segment where Luke catches up with old friends who live in the L.A. area. This time around it’s his old Kansas City ComedySportz compadre Mike Guthrie, who has been performing in some comedy and burlesque shows. Luke tells Mike of a Hollywood cliche milestone that happened to him earlier that day while doing his laundry.

Finally, we have the first half of a discussion of ‘comedy song ideas we never got around to doing, and likely never will’. Luke kicks this off, since he happened to have made a printed list of old unused song ideas handy from when he made his last album a year ago. He’ll continue his list, along with Carrie telling us some of her unused song ideas, in our next episode.

This episode’s comedy & music tracks are by Gogol Bordello, Ookla The Mok, Worm Quartet, Richard Cheese, Danger Doom, Tony Goldmark, The Nick Atoms, Family Guy, Pudding Capacity, The Arrogant Worms, Kansas City ComedySportz, Carrie Dahlby featuring Erin Sherlock, TV’s Kyle, Insane Ian, and The Crest featuring Eyebeams.

This episode also has what may be the most entertaining edition of “What’s Luke Plugging Now?” ever, featuring 2 special guests, only one of whom is human.

Episode Length: 2:49:03

8 thoughts on Episode #118 – Subject Everyone To The Slurping

  1. I’m not sure what Carrie was referring to about getting the show “back on iTunes.” That’s where I get it, and it’s been downloading just fine. Well, except for the last time I downloaded the new version of iTunes, but that problem happened to all my podcasts. I actually had to un- then re-subscribe to every single show. Some update huh?

  2. Oh, and also, count me among the people who hates the term “friend zone.” It’s one of those phrases, along with “boys can be boys” that can just go straight to Hell. I know not everyone who uses it necessarily means this, but what I hear when I hear a dude use the term is “The only reason I would ever be nice to a woman is in the hope that she’ll sleep with me and if she doesn’t sleep with me I’m gonna be bitter and angry about it.”

  3. E

    So glad you are making this long distance podcast thing work. hearing Spiral interject was a taste of awesome cause cats do rule IMHO. Sorry to hear about Ed’s closing. It seems nowadays they are tearing downs sometimes perfectly good things for something different. As a loyal listener but not loyal comment poster we appreciate you. Smiles across the miles.

  4. For the record we sold 10 copies of the Inside Jokes CD. We sold 1 more after I spoke to you. It was after I took the items down but I let it through since I hadn’t placed the order for the CDs yet.

  5. I still ain’t made up my mind yet about Toledo. #Freberg

  6. When it comes to nominating videos for the Logans, I think that they should be official videos from the artists themselves. “Corn Beef and Cabbage” while a great gift to Chris, isn’t official. Basicly a fan vid.

  7. Bad Parody Ideas: a parody of “Tequila”. but instead of just the horn solo, have a guy rapping about the cub scout motto, rules, slogans, etc. and as the point where the guy says “Tequila” approaches, the rapper says “and the pack follows…” and a deep voice says, “Akela”. the idea is that the cub scout program draws from the jungle book (more the book, less the movie), and part of the “Law of the pack” is, “the Pack Follows Akela”.
    Ok, I did say bad idea already, didn’t I?

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