Episode #119 – It’s Gwar Meets Cars And Trucks And Things That Go

LCBR119 copyIt’s been a month, so here’s a 4-hour long episode. I ain’t even gonna pretend like I care that it’s that long. Besides, it’ll be something people can listen to traveling on their way to FuMPFeST 2015 which starts in less than a week. So let me see if I can remember all of what’s in this episode…

Our first segment is a “Rapport Of Destiny” segment where Carrie is joined by the one and only Moonbeam of the podcast “Blasted Bill & Moonbeam’s Pod Of Destiny”. Capping that segment is a recording from one of Carrie’s YouTube videos in which Alex has a highly inquisitive conversation with his father Josh.

Next Carrie and I chat and she tells me all about what she’s been doing this month, including seeing “Mad Max: Fury Road”, her summation of which is the title of this episode. Then we read a whole bunch of your comments from the past few episodes which WordPress had been hiding from me for months.

Next, Carrie is joined by Ken Sherlock of “Let’s call Ken” fame, as they talk about seeing the movie “UHF” live at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, which was followed by a Q&A with “Weird Al” Yankovic and director Jay Levey.

Then Luke is joined by Insane Ian via Skype to tell us what he’s been up to the past month, including the exciting long-awaited release of “Mighty Magiswords” content to the world via Cartoon Network’s website and the “Cartoon Network Anything” App (Get the details at Luke’s website). Then we wrap up by Luke finishing off his list of unused song ideas, with Ian throwing in a couple of his own.

This week’s comedy & music tracks are by Ron Low, Monty Python, Family Guy, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Kyle Kallgren & Tony Goldmark, Epic Rap Battles Of History, mc chris, Mikey Mason, The Boobles, Heathcliff & The Catillac Cats, TV’s Kyle & the great Luke Ski, Duck Dodgers, T-Spoon, “Chicago”, Raymond & Scum, and Garden Fresh.

Until next time, Bad Rapport just won’t be outdone. You should realize, we can win it with YOU! #obscure80scartoonthemesonglyrics

Episode length: 4:00:55

Special thanks to Brett Glass for the pun used in the episode art, and to TV’s Kyle for the MagiSword drawing of me. I did the drawing of Carrie.

5 thoughts on Episode #119 – It’s Gwar Meets Cars And Trucks And Things That Go

  1. There are platonic love songs, notably James Taylor’s “You’ve Got A Friend”. they just aren’t funny. It is actually difficult to see how such a song could be funny without destroying the central idea.

  2. The Friend Zone is a term I’ve heard used about one woman for another, one guy for another, a woman for a guy, and a guy for a woman. It is a universal experience typified by the J. Giels Band song, “Love Stinks”. As in, “You love her, but she loves him, and he loves somebody else, you just can’t win”. I’m not going to stop using this term just because some jerk has decided that everyone who feels this is someone who only talks to people to get in their pants. Because they are wrong and that is just garbage. so they don’t get to decide what terminology I use.

  3. Can’t wait for the T-Rex video to come out! The little animatic you showed at teh Fest had some really cool bits in it, and it looks like it will be a lot of fun when it all comes together.

  4. The classic example of a guy stuck in the friend zone is Lennier from Babylon 5. Do people really want to say that Lennier, of all people, would only speak to a woman with respect if he wanted to get in her pants?

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