Episode #127 – Punchin’ In The Zeroes And Ones

LCBR127Luke and Carrie have returned to make podcasting great again. Will we succeed? Probably not in a bigly way, but here’s an unpresidented new episode anyways. With the 2016 being the metaphorical dumpster fire it has been, Luke decided to fight the suckitude by making a list of all the positive things that have happened to him this year, and here he covers the past 2 months worth of it. Carrie also tells us of her last 2 months, including Alex’s new fascination with classic rock, and in particular a certain song by “Journey”.

Our comedy music tracks for this episode, the back half of which are Christmas tunes, are by Epic Rap Battles Of HistoryJohnny AlohaHenry PhillipsStephen LynchThe Library BardsMighty MagiSwordsPrincess Rap Battle (Whitney Avalon)the great Luke SkiWorm QuartetMike PhirmanSteve Goodie, Flat 29The Gothsicles featuring Tara DuhanbrentalflossPaul & StormTV’s KyleThe Royal GuardsmenCrazy Ex-Girlfriend (Rachel Bloom), SNL featuring Kenan Thompson, Chance The Rapper, DMC, and Leslie Jones, and Stephen Colbert & Elvis Costello.

We also read your latest comments, and our listener count goes up to 29! If you’d like to be assigned a Listener Number to make our count go even higher, leave a comment here, or call 916-LUKE-SKI and leave a comment there. Now go forth and enjoy your holiday season any way you want it.

Episode length: 2:42:48

3 thoughts on Episode #127 – Punchin’ In The Zeroes And Ones

  1. Josh doesn’t punch in the zeroes and ones one at a time? I guess he’s not TEH HARDCOREZ. Nappy Hew Year everybody!

  2. Speaking of zeroes and ones, this is episode 127, which is the fourth Mersenne prime. When you read this, it will be episode 128, which is 10000000 in binary. Powers of two are important to us computer geeks!

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