Episode #127.5 – MarsCon 2017 Dementia Track Fund Raiser Preview












This is not a regular episode of Bad Rapport, this is a commercial for MarsCon 2017 and this year’s Dementia Track Fund Raiser MP3 album, which you can purchase at MarsCon Dementia dot com.

Songs played:
* I Ain’t Fundin’ That Shit Katie Goodman
* Dinky McDiddlyboots
Devo Spice
* Boo! (I’m A Ghost!)
Schaffer The Darklord
* Phil Took My Dolphin Away
TV’s Kyle
* There’s No Link Between All Of This (And Cheese)
TV’s Kyle
* I’m Vambre Warrior
the great Luke Ski, featuring Carrie Dahlby
* Kylo (Lionel Richie version)
Insane Ian
* Smell My Nipple, Win A Prize
Devo Spice
* Second Week Of Deer Camp
the great Luke Ski, featuring the FuMP

Episode length: 32:27

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