Episode #134 – The Backlog Of Life

It’s been seven and a half months since we’ve posted a full proper episode of “Bad Rapport”! So are we going to talk about everything we’ve done since then? No! We’re going to talk about Alex & Carrie’s first trip out to California to see “The Aquabats!”, and Carrie’s second trip out to California to see “The Aquabats!”! Also, we do an instant review of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, Carrie talks about her 40th Birthday, our respective Christmas visits with our families, and we have surprise brief interview with “Blasted Bill” Putt of the “Pod Of Destiny” podcast recorded at ConFusion in Michigan. But mainly it’s Carrie talking about the Aquabats. If there isn’t already a show called “The AquaCast!” then this is it, at least for this episode.

Our comedy and music tracks are provided by Suicidal Tendencies, Power Salad, The Meatmen, Dr. Demento, Brak, The Aquabats!, The Misfits, Adam West, The Dead Milkmen, GOGO13, Osaka Popstar, Joan Jett, Carrie Dahlby, the great Luke Ski, Rachel Bloom, Eminem, Ookla The Mok, and Garfunkel & Oates.

Note: the “What’s Luke Plugging Now?” segment was put in the middle of the episode because it made the most sense editing-wise. This episode is brought to you by Roscoe’s Chicken And Waffles. Or at least, we wish it was. Enjoy!

Episode length: 4:04:06

8 thoughts on Episode #134 – The Backlog Of Life

  1. Man, 7 months. Those 7 months have somehow managed to feel like forever, and barely a few months at all. It’s like linear has ceased to have all meaning since 2016. I’m amazed that in the time between Bad Rapport episodes I managed to warp up one season of my main YouTube show and get 3 episodes into Season 2, start a second YouTube show, complete a trilogy of videos about Star Trek Voyager, hammer out fan fics for Mass Effect and the new Lost In Space (which I wrote less than 10 hours after watching the final episode of season 1, so safe to say I liked it), partially inspired a song about the #ChangeTheChannel movement (MarzGurl’s Hamilton parody), did another holiday stint at Amazon, and finally got around to seeing Godfather Part II more than 15 years after seeing Part I. Among other things but this post is geting long and self-indulgent as is. At least I didn’t include links to all my YouTube projects and/or my AO3 account, so it’s not TOO self-promotional.

    Anyhoo, since I forgot to say it when the song went up on The FuMP because I’m a forgetful prat, “Run Barry Run” was awesome. Definitely better than the second half of The Flash this season. #shotsfired Okay, to be fair, the entire DCW line-up except for Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning just seemed pretty week after Crisis on Earth X.

    *snort* I can honestly refer to events in the DC TV shows as pre- and post-Crisis. Nice.

  2. *linear time

    It’s like linear TIME has ceased to have all meaning since 2016.

    Gaah. Proof read Arkle, proof read.

  3. CP is actually not a good way of telling how good your Rhydon is. You need to use a Pokemon Go IV calculator (there are several online) to find its hidden stats. This is dumb and nerdy, but what are you going to do? I have a Snorlax with perfect IVs 🙂

  4. John Wayne Airport is located in unincorporated land in Orange County. It borders the cities of Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach. It is not in or adjacent to Santa Ana, even though it has the airport code SNA. #CaliforniaIsStupid

  5. They finally put out another episode! And it’s… 4 hours long???!!!! Talk about bingecasting!

    Will listen to this at 2x speed on the way to Westercon, or maybe FestOfAl.

    — Hank, AKA BrettG

  6. I guess it’s serendipity that I caught up on my Bad Rapport backlog (4 episodes) this week on this one. Now that we’re over 33-1/3 LPE, please remind me what my number was.

  7. So Luke and Carrie you will be able to empathize with this one. I was with my husband in Skagway on a cruise when Solo was premiering, We had to find a drug store, which we found to get some cold medicine to stave off the sniffles. The clerk there was wearing a Star Wars t-shirt. We asked if he was going to see the movie, He said he would love to but that would mean a two hour each way trip into Canada to see it. Movies for him are usually a two movie trip to make it worth the trip.

    Glad you are still around.

    I think I am number 12

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