Episode #137 – He’s A Sweet Idiot

It’s Christmas Eve and my mother is threatening to blow up my laptop so this is all the description you’re getting. In this episode Carrie and I talk about stuff, and a bunch of comedy songs are played, some of them are holiday themed.

Those tracks are by: Lauren Mayer, Whitney Avalon, Devo Spice, Epic Rap Battles Of History, The Library Bards, Michael William Hunter, Il Neige, Thomas Benjamin WIld Esq., Jonathan Groff, Insane Ian, TV’s Kyle, Marc With A C, Flat 29, Amy Engelhardt, Snoop Dogg & Anna Kendrick, Kevin Murphy, and Carrie Fisher. Have a great holiday season! 🙂

Episode Length: 2:25:52

1 thought on Episode #137 – He’s A Sweet Idiot

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