Episode #136 – Old & Dumb

Well. 10 months, 13 days. That is the new record for the longest we have gone between posting proper episodes of “Luke & Carrie’s Bad Rapport”. My goal was to have this episode posted before Halloween, but instead it is being posted on (in my time zone) November 5th, Guy Fawkes Day. And not knowing it would turn out that way led to me not including the Epic Rap Battle with Guy Fawkes, nor any V for Vendetta references. *exasperated Luke sigh* But I did (upon popular demand) make a couple of our comedy music / track sets filled with all “Halloween” appropriate music, for those of you still getting your spooky fall groove on.

In this episode, we read your comments, Luke tells us a “True Tale” of something that happened to him during a recent Ride-Share Shift, and Carrie talks about getting to teach voice lessons to little kiddos for a “Frozen” Jr. Musical. We also review two new-to-recent-history comedy TV shows we have discovered and totally love, “What We Do In The Shadows” (hence the pic of Carrie dressed as the vampire Nadja from the show), and “Letterkenny” (hence Luke photoshopped as hockey player Reilly from the show). Nadja is old, Reilly is dumb. Get it?

This almost 4-hour-long episode is a pretty even split between the talking parts and the comedy music / other tracks parts. The latter of which features tracks by: “Weird Al” Yankovic, Steven Universe, The Book Of Life, Twisted Sister, featuring Mark Metcalf, SpongeBob Squarepants The Musical, Patton Oswalt, Barack Obama, Boy Meets Robot, Bernie Mac, The Aquabats!, Tony Goldmark, mc chris, TV’s Kyle featuring Lindzilla, Epic Rap Battles Of History, Schaffer The Darklord, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton, Seth MacFarlane, The Lonely Island, Tammy Faye Starlite, Mr. Dooves, the great Luke Ski, Mighty Magiswords, Carrie Dahlby, Devo Spice, Creative Mind Frame a.k.a. 1-UP, Bonnie Gordon, Insane Ian, LEX the Lexicon Artist, Norma Tanega, Mikey Mason, Will Smith, Laila Berzins, Matt Griffo, & Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, featuring Rachel Bloom and Santino Fontana.

We hope and intend to put out our next episode just before Christmas, but it might have to wait until after New Year’s Eve, we’ll see. In any case, we hope to put out episodes on a more regular basis, perhaps every 3 to 4 months, and try to keep them in the realm of lengths of somewhere between just under 2 hours, to an upper limit of 3 hours. It’ll depend on how gabby we get, and how much cool comedy music & tracks we have to play for you guys.

Thanks to all 35 of you for hanging in there with us, and we hope you have an enjoyable rest-of-whatever-this-decade-is-called.

Episode length: 3:56:21

1 thought on Episode #136 – Old & Dumb

  1. Good news. Despite the long gap, I am in fact not on the next season of Shameless Cashgrab. I just happened to post the Season 3 wrap-up episode on Halloween.

    Of course part of the reason season 3 took so long was because I chose a set with 20 movies. Not doing that again, that’s for sure. *lol*

    Abyway, since Luke kept, albeit by accident mentioning Bandcamp, I’ve recently gotten heavy into the vaporwave and synthwave genres of music (also it’s offshots like Future Funk), and while I don’t have have any I can name off the top of my head I think some of these have enough silly in them to qualify as comedy music. Bandcamp is relevant here because that’s where I get the bulk of my music from these genres. I am curently really in love with the bands Timecop 1983 (yes, that is really their name), The Motion Epic, Tupperwave, Saint Pepsi (also real), and Haircuts For Men. I’ll try to remember to hit up Luke on Twitter next time I hear a track that might make a good fit for Bad Rapport.

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