Episode #080 – Retainer Container

MarsCon 2013 was so epic, it takes us over 3 hours to properly recap it.

Along the way there is a special appearance by Flat 29 recorded live at Mickey’s Diner in St. Paul…

…as well as music by the Muppets, Scooter Picnic, Todrick Hall, Insane Ian, Mikey Mason, Carrie Dahlby, and TV’s Kyle, who also makes an appearance at the end of the episode.

Speaking of Kyle, coming to this podcast feed in a couple days is another installment of Kyle & Luke talk about cartoons, so stay tuned cartoon-talk fans!

Episode length: 3:17:21


8 thoughts on Episode #080 – Retainer Container

  1. Hey guys! A few comments about dis here epi-sodey…

    When Carrie said she was going to read an apple while Luke discussed Opening Ceremonies, I pictured you guys recreating a bit from Epic PIEcast with STD and Nelson Lugo. Whenever they discuss things that go wrong (which I though Luke was going to discuss but thankfully didn’t) Nelson quietly and clamly rants while Shaffer loudly eats an apple in the background, each bite punctuating a key point in Nelson’s rant.

    As for how an EP can have 8 songs (well, mine actually has 9, but)…here’s how I see it: a standard definition of an EP is between 4 & 9 songs. I say this because 2 songs is a single (and a bside) and 3 songs tends to fall under single as well. 4 tracks and above were what we called a “maxi-single”, and they usually ran anywhere from 4-9 tracks. That was the trend I saw when working at the music store, and many Maxi-singles were also referred to as EPs, so that’s how I tend to release them. 10 songs for me would be an album. So, while my EP has 7 tracks (and 2 bonus songs) it’s still under a half hour in length, and therefore, an EP.

    Now, as to my performance of “I’d Buy That For A Dollar” during Marscon. Yes, admittedly, I had a LOT to rehearse that weekend, and yes, I didn’t get as much time to do that song as I wanted. HOWEVER, I didn’t just start to look for the lyrics on my phone when the track started. I actually ALREADY had the lyrics set for me to see well before my set started. Sadly, my phone DIED during my set, so they weren’t there when I pulled my phone out of my pocket. I had to restart my phone during Kyle’s verse, and it didn’t reboot in time. I wouldn’t have gone up there unprepared with NO lyrics, but sadly, as the lyrics weren’t there as they had been just moments prior, I forgot what little I knew of them and adlibbed (i thought very humerously) a SUMMARY of the events that take place during my verse. I didn’t realize you had wanted this to be a key track for next year’s CDs, Luke, but I’m sure what we ended up with is still usable and funny. If not, well…this won’t be the only time all three of us are together, i assure you.

    At any rate, great episode, Marscon was ablast, and thanks for having me and The Stacey out there this year!

    -Insane Ian

  2. You will get $0.00 back from MarsCon if you submit 0 receipts for reimbursement. Submit those suckers! You may not get it all back, but something is better than nothing.

    P.S. I want some green screen tips. Maybe shoot a tutorial video showing what you did. DO IT!

  3. Loved the Fumpet show. I was just wondering: who were the guys doing the parts of Statler and Waldorf? Are they Fump artists?

    Also, in the “Ivanova” song, when luke gets eaten by Kosh, I keep hearing him saying, “let me out, I’m very popular”.

  4. Darnit, Luke, quit yawning. They are even contagious across time and space.

  5. I think Fireworks, Pornography, and Cheese really sums up the signs you see when driving through Wisconsin. I was amazed at the number of signs I saw for adult superstores as I was driving from Madison to Minneapolis.

  6. Since it was posted, my daughter and I were remembering that weekend in the episode and it took until today to finish.

    As far as joining people for an Ax Man trip next year, I would probably not go since part of the Marscon attraction for my daughter is the amusement park inside the MOA and it could be one for Alex in future years.

    I was very happy about the positive reaction to the opening ceremonies. The only person I know who was not impressed by the video actually confirms how special and awesome it is.

    It was not until listening to this episode that my daughter made the connection of Earl and Wyngarde who she first knew from the Cake Wrecks video.

    As far as the EP, I know of multiple classic rock albums that consist of less than 10 songs. I would just let the person releasing the CD define it as EP or full CD.

    The table set up in the MOA food court on Saturday is right next to the Pepsi sign which I took a picture of me flipping off the previous three Marscons. This year was a pic of those at the table with the sign in the foreground.

    My puppet even got an applause in the Space Oddity room as it joined a rendition of Birdhouse in Your Soul.

    I am glad Erin ran into Charlie Sunday morning asking for an autograph since when he returned I told the guys what room Carrie was packing so they could say bye.

    Though I mentioned it elsewhere thanks to all who helped make that weekend happen especially Luke and Sara.

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