Episode #081 – Kyle & Luke Talk About Cartoons #4

In this episode, TV’s Kyle and the great Luke Ski discuss the animated features of 2012, telling us what they loved and what they ‘meh’-ed.

Spoiler alert: Their top 2 favs of the year were “Wreck-It Ralph” and “Hotel Transylvania”, like that’s a surprise to anyone.

They also talk about the Simpsons, Beauty and the Beast, and the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show.

Will Kyle & Luke ever get around to making this its own podcast? Based on how busy they both are, probably not.

So if you want to volunteer to do all the hard work for us to make it a reality, let us know.

Episode length: 1:29:10

2 thoughts on Episode #081 – Kyle & Luke Talk About Cartoons #4

  1. As for recent disney animated features: I saw and liked Princess And The Frog, But… There was a Winnie the Pooh movie in 2011? How did I not know that?

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