Episode #098 – Odd New Wave 2

I am currently trying to write at least 9 songs for February Album Writing Month, so I really don’t have the time to write up a pithy description for this episode. In it we do ‘Let’s Call Ken’ and Ken says stuff about things. Then Carrie tells us what she’s been up to, including imagining “Rocky Horror” as performed by the characters from “Thomas The Tank Engine”. She also tells some cute stories about Alex that prove that he’s developing a keen sense of taste when it comes to pre-school television.

The music in this episode is a follow up to Episode #67 where I played nothing but ‘Odd New Wave’ songs from the 80’s for no reason whatsoever. So go watch that awesome new Radio Shack Super Bowl commercial again and breakdance to these radical tracks by Styx, Devo, Art Of Noise, The Nails, Peter Schilling, Oingo Boingo, Herbie Hancock, Talking Heads, and the Stray Cats. Gnarly.

Episode Length: 1:32:40

5 thoughts on Episode #098 – Odd New Wave 2

  1. Re: Because of Bob

    For me, this is the perfect capper to the whole Kickstarter thing. I love to hear about all the stuff Luke did while he was out here in California. Stay demented!

  2. I will never look at Thomas the same way again. Will have to not shout “asshole” when I see Thomas.

  3. When our first was about 3, we decided to get him started on an ABC book. he looked at the book and identified the big letters on the front as, “Robby, Jacob, Home”. we had no idea what he meant for a little while. he patiently pointed to the A and said, “Robby”. He then pointed to the B and said, “Jacob”. and finally he pointed to the C and said “Home”. Now we got it. In our apartment complex, his friend Robby lived in apartment A, his friend Jacob lived in apartment B, and we lived in apartment C. He had recognized the letters on the apartment doors.

  4. As far as the music played in episodes, there are times when I listen and times I skip by them. I would like to say that the number of other podcasts I have available to play, how much time do I anticipate driving or even what is being played determines if I listen to the music or skip by it.

    Usually it is just the mood I am in.

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