Episode #125 – Prohyas & Vambre’s Best Rapport

LCBR125As soon as I finished editing and posting this episode, I came to the website to post it and discovered a whole bunch of comments from people that never got displayed at the website because they were not ‘Approved’, because the site stopped emailing me the notifications that alerted me to their existence and need for approval. So to all the people whose comments didn’t get read, I apologize, and I will read your comments on the next episode, and get your numbers assigned to you. Thanks so much for listening and commenting! 🙂

In this episode, Carrie delves headlong into the world of PokeMon Go, we talk about our “Day Out With Thomas” the Tank Engine, and Luke tells us what he did this summer. We also have a segment recorded live at FuMPFeST 2016 we did in character and in costume as Prohyas and Vambre Warrior from “Mighty MagiSwords”. Our comedy and music tracks this time around are by Steve GoodieFlobotsSean CullenTV’s Kyle“Weird Al” YankovicLemon Demonthe great Luke Ski featuring Carrie DahlbyMighty MagiSwordsInsane Ian featuring Devo SpiceNuclear Bubble WrapBuckner & GarciaMC Lars & SposeBig DaddyStraight No ChaserAlex RaseyPower SaladThe GomersThe Gothsicles featuring Worm QuartetHot WafflesArt Paul SchlosserPaul & StormThe Library BardsFlight Of The Conchords, & Marc Gunn. Gee, I kinda went crazy with the music here, didn’t I? Well, when it’s 3 months between episodes, it makes me want to load these episodes with even more awesome comedy music. Thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy the podcast! 🙂

Episode Length: 3:41:54

9 thoughts on Episode #125 – Prohyas & Vambre’s Best Rapport

  1. Great content. Love Superstar alex new song. Part of the level on luke was lower when carrie said she was walking around and doing stuff too. I cant remember timestamp though. Look forward to hearing adventures of the California trip soon

  2. I posted on an older episode but I don’t remember getting numbered yet. also Luke you kept fading in aND out a lot in this episode.

  3. I’m curious how Luke manages to fade out so much while Carrie stays clear when I assume Luke was the one recording.

  4. That’s a good question, especially as Carrie didn’t say anything about the fading. Regarding what comments were read, I also heard the audio glitch during a previous episode plugging segment

  5. Pokémon CP is proportional to the square root of level. The More You Know (TM)

  6. No, my mistake, it’s actually piecewise linear. *crickets*

    There’s also a species-specific multiplier. Top 4 1/2 ‘mons by CP: 4=Exeggutor, 3=Lapras, 2=Arcanine, 1=Snorlax, 1/2=Dragonite. This surprises no one, because that’s what you always see in the gyms. Runner up: Vaporeon.

  7. Great episode. It was really interesting to me hearing the perspective of someone who was never into Pokemon before getting into it through Pokemon Go! I have been watching it since it first came out since I was just excited to have new anime on TV in the 90s. Luke your Ranma Saotome song back then really summed up how rough it was for us fans back then. Very good episode keep it up.

  8. Do you have a list of the songs, as well as the artists? Are those listed anywhere?

  9. National Brotherhood Week – Steve Goodie
    Handlebars – Flobots
    Shitstorm – Sean Cullen
    The Year The Big Mouth A-Hole Almost Won – Steve Goodie

    PokeMon Theme – TV’s Kyle
    Theme From Ash – the great Luke Ski
    PolkaMon – “Weird Al” Yankovic
    123456 PokeMon – Lemon Demon

    I’m Vambre Warrior (live at FuMPFeST 2016) – the great Luke Ski featuring Carrie Dahlby

    Mighty MagiSwords Theme Song – Mighty MagiSwords
    Warriors For Hire Jingle – Mighty MagiSwords
    What’s In Grup’s Soup? – Mighty MagiSwords
    Demotivational Song – Mighty MagiSwords
    Warrior Lullabye – Mighty MagiSwords
    The Here And Now (live at FuMPFeST 2016) – the great Luke Ski

    Pikachu – Insane Ian
    Raichu A Song – Nuclear Bubble Wrap
    PokeMon Fever – Buckner & Garcia
    PokeMon Go Rap – MC Lars & Spose

    Bohemian Rhapsody – Big Daddy
    The Movie Medley – Straight No Chaser

    Alex And His Friends – Alex Rasey
    Rocketships UFOs – Alex Rasey
    Mr. Most Important Person – Power Salad
    I Been Over Dere – The Gomers
    Badger Badger Badger – The Gothsicles featuring Worm Quartet

    The Yolk’s On You – Hot Waffles
    I Can Tell You Shop At Hot(t) Topic – Art Paul Schlosser
    The Yolk’s On You – The Gothsicles
    Ghostbusters – Insane Ian, featuring the great Luke Ski & Devo Spice

    Away To The Con – Paul & Storm
    Gandalf – The Library Bards
    Frodo (Don’t Wear The Ring) – Flight Of The Conchords
    Gollum Blues – Marc Gunn

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