Episode #124 – Mammogramophone

lcbr124bYou give us 2 months, we’ll give you an episode. This time around we read the massive glut of COMMENTS from all 16 OF OUR LISTENERS! Yes, the numbering of our listeners has begun! If you’d like to get assigned a number and be counted among the over-a-dozen listeners we’ve amassed in the 6+ years we’ve been doing this podcast, then leave a comment here, or call 916-LUKE-SKI and leave a comment on our voice mail line!

We also review Season One of “DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow”, the only TV show Carrie has been able to keep current on amid her busy parenting lifestyle. How much of that has to do with actor Wentworth Miller, we can only speculate. We also get caught up on what we’ve been up to lately, and Carrie invents a new form of hands-free lingerie-mounted Skype device.

This episode’s comedy & music tracks are by The Lonely Island featuring Adam Levine, Christopher Walken, Paul & StormWorm Quartet, the Gothsicles, the Four Postmen, the Simpsons, Sudden Death featuring the great Luke Ski and the Nick Atoms, the Arrogant Worms featuring Carrie Dahlby, Game Grumps, and the Consortium Of Genius.

Until next time, we’ll be chillin’. Because, uh, Captain Cold, um, yeah. Reference.

Episode length: 2:18:24


10 thoughts on Episode #124 – Mammogramophone

  1. White Canary is a creation for the DC TV universe as in the comic Black Canary didn’t have a sister.

  2. Not sure if it happened for anyone else, but during the “What’s Luke Plugging Now” segment there was a lot of skipping and repeating. Not sure if the file was corrupted on my end or not, but it righted itself after about a minute or two.

  3. I suppose I should eventually leave a comment to get a number even if I can’t think of anything interesting to say.

    @Arkle: I was noticing the same kinds of problems on that segment.

    (I was previously posting as Squirrel Girl, but I decided I like the user name I wound up with on twitter better)

  4. Luke and Carrie forgot to leave a comment in the last episode. Leaving one now. To paraphrase Kermit the Frog, I have a Number. *Waving arms in the air* Yeah!

  5. Hello, Math Baby!

    Seventeen is a prime number, so you can’t stack up 17 square blocks in a rectangle shape.

    Sixteen is a power of two, so if you stack up 16 blocks in a rectangle, both sides always have even length (2×8, 4×4, or 8×2).

  6. I’m here for my number thanks to you youtube re upload! Hello you two, been listening to you both on spotify for a while, just wish it was easer to find some of them on there.

  7. Hey guys listening to this episode as my first and really enjoyed it! Let’s get this podcast boosted it’s fun.

  8. My favorite thing Luke has done is probably “When You Wish Upon a Death Star”.

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