Episode #129 – MarsCon 2017 Wrap-Up

LCBR129The title pretty much says it all. It’s time for our yearly look back at all the stuff that went down almost 2 months ago at MarsCon 2017. Overall, it was an amazing, great, fun time, and I could type more, but why should I because you’re going to listen to us talk about it anyway so I’ll stop.

This episode’s comedy & music tracks are by Mystery Science Theater 3000, Art Paul Schlosser, Richard Cheese, Devo Spice, Cirque du So What?, The Lonely Island featuring Michael Bolton, the great Luke Ski, Charlotte’s Web, Scooter Picnic featuring Lindsay Smith, The Side QuestJemaine Clement, Tony Goldmark, Mikey Mason, “Weird Al” Yankovic, TV’s Kyle, Epic Rap Battles Of History, T.J. Miller, Kobi LaCroix, GLaDOSNuclear Bubble Wrap, and MC117 featuring Klopfenpop.

Tune in next time when Luke and Carrie will talk about non-MarsCon things. But until then, enjoy our annual wrap-up!

Episode length: 3:22:05

4 thoughts on Episode #129 – MarsCon 2017 Wrap-Up

  1. Oh man, bedbugs. I’ve had to deal with those before. Huge pain in the ass. The worst part is that, IIRC, you have to wait until they’ve hatched to kill them because their eggs are practically indestructible, if you can even find them given how tiny they are. I would really love to know exactly what evolutionary niche those little vampiric bastards are supposed to fill.

  2. The Spanish phrase I used in my comment on #128 is pronounced pour eh-hemp-low, and it means “for example.” I started using it after hearing it alot on Rachel Maddow’s old Air America radio show.

    WTFIWWY is the abbreviation for the show What The Fuck Is Wrong With You. I think Tony Goldmark was actually a fill-in co-host for Tara in one epsiode, though I could be remembering wrong.

  3. Good Marscon recap! By the way, what I did perform, as my cover song, was “Reinstalling Windows,” by the Welsh comedic poet Les Barker. It’s a parody of the Window Washer Song (“When I’m Cleaning Windows”) by George Formby, but Les doesn’t sing it; he recites his parody lyrics as a poem. So, I reunited Les’s parody lyrics with the original tune, which I arranged in a Dixieland/Charleston style with tuba, banjo, and uke. I do have a cover of “Do the Confusion” prepared (I’m still polishing the backing track), but I did not do it at Marscon; I’ve got that one queued up for some later event.

    Perhaps, for next year’s musical revue, we can do “Tomfoolery.”

  4. Thanks for the nice long MarsCon recap – especially appreciated by those of us who couldn’t be there. Sorry I missed it again, but giggling about chickens just takes up too much of my time. (But here’s a “Bad Rapport comments” exclusive announcement, since we haven’t mentioned it on the Flopcast yet: I will be at CONvergence this summer, so hopefully I’ll still see some of you Minnesota people.) Anyway, I never remember to leave comments (UNTIL NOW), but I’ve listened to all 129 episodes of Bad Rapport. Please give me a number and take away my name.

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