Episode #130 – The Chicken Game

LCBR130Just what is “The Chicken Game” you ask? Why, it’s the new game invented by Alex Rasey which will soon be sweeping the nation! To learn the complex rules of this intricate and nuanced game, you’ll have to listen to this Bad Rapport episode in which Carrie and I recap the Rasey family’s visit to California over Memorial Day weekend! From Newport Beach, home of the most treacherous sidewalks west of the Mississippi, to Disneyland, to Santa Monica Pier, we recap it all just for the 32 of you! We also read your comments, and Luke does the longest “What’s Luke Plugging Now?” segment in recent history.

This episode’s comedy & music tracks are by The Book Of MormonDevo SpiceTV’s KyleKlopfenpop featuring MC 117 & Milk-Plus & DiabeatsDa YoopersEpic Rap Battles Of Historythe great Luke Ski featuring Bonnie Gordon & Carrie DahlbyThe Axis Of AwesomeBart MorganSamusD-Metal StarsPower Salad, & The Lonely Island.

So in conclusion, goat.

Episode length: 3:02:38


4 thoughts on Episode #130 – The Chicken Game

  1. Re: stadiums in anaheim

    Since you aren’t local or a sports fan, I guess we’ll have to let you off for not knowing about Anaheim Stadium aka Angel Stadium aka Angel Stadium of Anaheim, wherein play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim #MajorLeagueStupidity

    But yeah, I can hear the Disneyland fireworks from home most evenings around 9:30. There’s a pretty nice view from up the hill.

  2. Hey Luke and Carrie, I haven’t been listening much lately but that’s because I’ve been neglecting ALL of my podcasts. It was really nice getting back in the loop and hearing about all of the things you guys have been up to. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the next Bad Rapport!

  3. Here at The Flopcast, we are delighted and humbled by The Chicken Game. The Mayor considered declaring it The Official Game of Chickentown… but alas, that title already belongs to the Laverne and Shirley board game.

  4. No, I’m not mocking Carrie. I’m seriously jealous that she knows video game designer Eugene Jarvis. His ’80s games weren’t my absolute favorites, but I have much respect for him and his contributions.

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