Episode #132 – Birdhead

LCBR132Happy Halloween! In this episode we talk about our Halloween costumes for this year, including this amazing Iago hat made by Lindsay Smith! We also dive into the amazing crazy musical world of The Aquabats! They’re Carrie and Alex’s new favorite band, and Luke went to see them in concert. Carrie also does a brief report on OVFF and Alex’s Alexa shenannigans, and Luke talks about the stuff he’s been up to per usual. And hey, this episode is only 1 hour and 43 minutes, our shortest episode in a very long time! That leaves you more time for trick or treating! Cool!

This episode’s comedy & music tracks are by The Aquabats!, Devo Spice, TV’s Kyle, MC Cool Whip featuring Schaffer The Darklord, Professor Elemental, Tom Smith, Paul & Storm, & Scooter Picnic. And I’m only now realizing I forgot to do the “What’s at the FuMP?” segment during plug time, so, uh, go see what’s at the FuMP yourself at www.TheFuMP.com!

Episode length: 1:43:36

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