Episode #133 – Christmas Is Awesome!

LCBR133Life has been so crazy for Luke and Carrie the past 2 months, that they don’t even have the time to talk about it right now. So after a brief intro, we get right into playing some holiday comedy music tracks by Neil Patrick HarrisTV’s Kyle, featuring the great Luke Ski and John BerryMr.B The Gentleman RhymerThe Library Bards, The Toy DollsMC LarsGarfunkel & OatesSchaffer The Darklord with BB HeartDevo SpicePaul & Stormand The Aquabats! Coming soon: the MarsCon 2018 Dementia Track Fund Raiser Free Preview episode!

Episode Length: 45:39

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  1. I’m apparently still too slow on listening. This is a gentle reminder to please ready my comment on #132 the next time you do comments. Thanks.

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