Episode #131 – Breaking Doornail

LCBR131In this episode we recap FuMPFeST 2017, including playing the demo versions of 5 of Luke Ski’s new “Dumb Parody Ideas” interstitial tracks, as well as an audio clip of a woman named after a lumber fastener in the midst of a hysterical fit (see attached pic).

Then Luke and Carrie take turns recapping some highlights of other stuff they’ve been up to in 2017 besides MarsCon, the Rasey’s L.A. Visit, and FuMPFeST.

We even actually get around to reviewing a piece of media, the movie “The Big Sick” starring Kumail Nanjiani.

This episode’s comedy & music tracks are by Worm QuartetbrentalflossEpic Rap Battles Of HistoryGame Grumps & Master Sword and Em-One2d6 featuring Detox The Kidthe great Luke SkiScooter PicnicInsane IanRichard CheeseKobi LaCroixThe SockapellasOokla The MokMST3KSchaffer The DarklordHenry RollinsMegathrusterHow I Met Your Mother“Weird Al” YankovicGarfunkel And OatesThe Four PostmenWhimsical Will, & Tenacious D.

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Episode length: 4:01:58

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