Episode #138 – Jason Bateman From Silver Spoons

A podcast two decades in the making!… Meaning that we started recording it in one decade, and finished it another decade. Also, you will think that it lasts a decade, but it’s actually just over 4 hours in length.

In this episode we start off on New Year’s Eve talking about our holiday experiences and reviewing Season 8 of “Letterkenny”. Then we ship ahead to April Fools Day, where the only fools are anyone who chooses to go out into the world for non-essential reasons during the international Covid-19 pandemic self-isolation quarantine. We also in a couple segments are joined by some guests from our sister podcasts, “Blasted Bill” Putt from “The Pod Of Destiny”, and Kevin Eldridge of “The Flopcast”, as well as Bill’s friend Clark and his digital cat.

This episode features comedy & music tracks by the great Luke Ski, Hamilton, Devo Spice featuring Blythe Renay, Jodie Whitaker, Carrie Dahlby, MC Bat Commander, The Aquabats!, Cosmik, Green Jelly, Coco, Kornflake, Mighty Magiswords, Pinkfong, “Weird Al” Yankovic, TV’s Kyle, The Library Bards, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Richard Cheese, Rachel Bloom, Schaffer The Darklord, the Spongebob Musical, Bad Lip Reading, and Daddyphatsnaps featuring Bonecage.

“Blasted Bill” Putt recommends episodecalendar.com, and Kevin Eldridge recommends that you don’t watch Katy Keene

Length: 4:00:33

1 thought on Episode #138 – Jason Bateman From Silver Spoons

  1. I was right there with Luke when Carrie was talking about the baby monkey at the zoo and said, “It was dead.” For a split second I was horrified, then I realized what she meant just before Luke chimed in. I was laughing with Luke. (Sorry, Carrie.)

    Perhaps I shouldn’t ask before finishing the episode lest it be explained later in the episode, but if I wait until then I might forget to ask. What’s up with the personalized message from MC Bat Commander??? Was that a Kickstarter reward?

    Also, Luke, would you please remind me of my listener number? Thanks.

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