Episode #140 – Not Comical Enough

After 7 months away, Luke & Carrie’s Bad Rapport has returned, is fully vaccinated, and is hugging you awkwardly for much longer than you’re comfortable with. In this episode Carrie talks about her new favorite show “A Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, and her new hobby of Geocashing. Luke also talks about things but frankly I can’t remember what they were. Also the “What’s Luke Plugging Now?” segment lasts about 18 minutes, so there’s that.

This episode is jam packed with comedy & music tracks by Professor Elemental & Mister Frisbee, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Emily Blunt, Mega Ran, The Aquabats, Adam Sandler, Knuckleheadz, TV’s Kyle, Epic Rap Battles of History, Bad Lip Reading, Devo Spice, The Lonely Island featuring Natalie Portman, Tony Goldmark, Dan Bull, brentalfloss, Starbomb, Worm Quartet, Sarah Silverman & Gal Gadot, Stephen Colbert, Schaffer The Darklord / The Department of Darkness, Jake Dewar, Whitney Avalon, Art Paul Schlosser, Flat 29, Power Salad, Steven Universe cast, Richard Cheese, Michael William Hunter, MC Lars, Robbie Ellis, Ninja Sex Party, & Insane Ian.

Length: 3:19:31

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