Episode #121 – Luke & Stephanie’s Good Rapport 2

LCBR121The first part of this episode features the return of one of Luke’s best friends, Stephanie, who came out to California so she could celebrate her 40th birthday at Disneyland with Luke. They recap her visit while driving through East L.A., eating at Wienerschnitzel, and driving through Burbank just before she left to take the train home.

The second part is our Gen Con Indy 2015 recap, which starts off at Gen Con itself with Luke, Carrie, Ken, Sara, Erin, & Alex. We finish it up on Skype with just Luke & Carrie after Luke returned to Burbank.

The third part has Carrie recapping her July & August, followed by Luke doing the same. Then we read your comments, and cut to Luke & Kyle letting you know ‘What’s Luke Plugging Now?’

The comedy and music tracks in the episode are by Cheech & Chong, The Muppets, Epic Rap Battles Of History, Disney, The Aristocats, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, the great Luke Ski, Mighty MagiSwords, Monty Python’s Spamalot, Art Paul Schlosser, Power Salad, Throwing Toasters, Rowdy Roddy Piper, & Game Grumps Animated.

It’ll be quite a while until we put out another episode. If I had to guess, I’d say late October at the earliest, but we make no promises. So Carrie and I sincerely hope you enjoy this episode until whenever the next episode happens. In the mean time, you can still hear Luke every other Sunday on “Kyle & Luke Talk About Toons” (http://www.kyleandluke.com), and rejoice for the return of Luke & Carrie’s favorite podcast, “Flat 29’s Big Book Of Everything”, which can be heard at http://www.flat29.com ! If you were to ask Emperor Palpatine if you should listen to those podcasts, he would tell you to “DO IT!”

Episode length: 3:11:33

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Episode #120 – Joe Nobody And The Beast Machine

It’s our second annual recap of the events of FuMPFeST! Luke & Carrie break down their weekend at the Funny Music Project Festival for 2015 from each of their points of view; Carrie’s done while managing a toddler, and Luke’s done while managing the fact that this was the first time he has visited home since heading off to Cartoon-land.

Following that, Carrie and Luke take turns getting caught up with other cool events of their respective past June, including Carrie’s lap-dance-tastic time at a “Weird Al” concert, and Luke’s first ever time recording voices for animation at a “Mighty MagiSwords” session.

Inspired by the Scope podcast’s Episode #207 YouTube thumbnail image of Luke & Kyle coupled with their episode title “Joe Nobody And The Beast Machine” across their chests (which I assume is the maniacal workings of Jared Ringold), Luke and Kyle decided that “Joe Nobody And The Beast Machine” are their A.M. Radio Disc Jockey Personas, which we shift into frequently during the “What’s Luke Plugging Now?” segment.

This episode’s comedy & music tracks are by some combination of TV’s Kyle featuring Lindsay Smith, Joe Caruso, Scooter Picnic, Carrie Dahlby, the great Luke Ski, Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh, Devo Spice, Rhett & Link, Insane Ian featuring Bonecage, Whitney Avalon & Yvonne Strahovski, Michael Aitch Price And His Musical Miscreants, Ookla The Mok, Eddie Lawrence, Whimsical Will, “Blasted Bill” Putt  featuring Cirque du So What?, Stephen Colbert, & Eclectic Method.

Indicators seem to indicate that this podcast has become monthly, and each episode will be nearly 4 hours long. We’ll all just have to wait and see if that remains or not. So step on up and get’cher content, internet consumers!

Episode Length: 3:45:37

Episode #119 – It’s Gwar Meets Cars And Trucks And Things That Go

LCBR119 copyIt’s been a month, so here’s a 4-hour long episode. I ain’t even gonna pretend like I care that it’s that long. Besides, it’ll be something people can listen to traveling on their way to FuMPFeST 2015 which starts in less than a week. So let me see if I can remember all of what’s in this episode…

Our first segment is a “Rapport Of Destiny” segment where Carrie is joined by the one and only Moonbeam of the podcast “Blasted Bill & Moonbeam’s Pod Of Destiny”. Capping that segment is a recording from one of Carrie’s YouTube videos in which Alex has a highly inquisitive conversation with his father Josh.

Next Carrie and I chat and she tells me all about what she’s been doing this month, including seeing “Mad Max: Fury Road”, her summation of which is the title of this episode. Then we read a whole bunch of your comments from the past few episodes which WordPress had been hiding from me for months.

Next, Carrie is joined by Ken Sherlock of “Let’s call Ken” fame, as they talk about seeing the movie “UHF” live at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, which was followed by a Q&A with “Weird Al” Yankovic and director Jay Levey.

Then Luke is joined by Insane Ian via Skype to tell us what he’s been up to the past month, including the exciting long-awaited release of “Mighty Magiswords” content to the world via Cartoon Network’s website and the “Cartoon Network Anything” App (Get the details at Luke’s website). Then we wrap up by Luke finishing off his list of unused song ideas, with Ian throwing in a couple of his own.

This week’s comedy & music tracks are by Ron Low, Monty Python, Family Guy, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Kyle Kallgren & Tony Goldmark, Epic Rap Battles Of History, mc chris, Mikey Mason, The Boobles, Heathcliff & The Catillac Cats, TV’s Kyle & the great Luke Ski, Duck Dodgers, T-Spoon, “Chicago”, Raymond & Scum, and Garden Fresh.

Until next time, Bad Rapport just won’t be outdone. You should realize, we can win it with YOU! #obscure80scartoonthemesonglyrics

Episode length: 4:00:55

Special thanks to Brett Glass for the pun used in the episode art, and to TV’s Kyle for the MagiSword drawing of me. I did the drawing of Carrie.

Episode #118 – Subject Everyone To The Slurping

LCBR118In this episode, Carrie tells us what Alex did to get his ball pit taken away for a month, and about the mysterious appearance of some potentially prophetic balloons in her backyard. Luke tells us about fulfilling another life-long dream at the Magic Kingdom and helping the “Some Jerk With A Camera” crew film some segments for their respective web review shows at Disneyland.

Then we have a new segment where Luke catches up with old friends who live in the L.A. area. This time around it’s his old Kansas City ComedySportz compadre Mike Guthrie, who has been performing in some comedy and burlesque shows. Luke tells Mike of a Hollywood cliche milestone that happened to him earlier that day while doing his laundry.

Finally, we have the first half of a discussion of ‘comedy song ideas we never got around to doing, and likely never will’. Luke kicks this off, since he happened to have made a printed list of old unused song ideas handy from when he made his last album a year ago. He’ll continue his list, along with Carrie telling us some of her unused song ideas, in our next episode.

This episode’s comedy & music tracks are by Gogol Bordello, Ookla The Mok, Worm Quartet, Richard Cheese, Danger Doom, Tony Goldmark, The Nick Atoms, Family Guy, Pudding Capacity, The Arrogant Worms, Kansas City ComedySportz, Carrie Dahlby featuring Erin Sherlock, TV’s Kyle, Insane Ian, and The Crest featuring Eyebeams.

This episode also has what may be the most entertaining edition of “What’s Luke Plugging Now?” ever, featuring 2 special guests, only one of whom is human.

Episode Length: 2:49:03

Episode #117 – Would You Like To Buy A Monkey?

LCBR117In our first California-produced episode, we start off with a segment recorded at Carrie’s house with Alex just minutes before Luke leaves for the last time before driving to Burbank with Sara. The second segment was recorded at Not-A-Burger stand with Kyle & Lindsay, where Sara and Luke recount their journey on the road. The third segment was recorded at Canter’s with Tony Goldmark and the cast of “Some Jerk With A Camera. The fourth segment was recorded via Skype with Carrie on Easter Sunday, so they can get caught up with each other, and so Luke can report on his first week at work at Cartoon Network.

Then, after what seems like the end of the episode, we have an additional segment (with songs) recorded with the “Some Jerk” crew at Cantors, in which Charlie and Morgan tell a 33-minute story of their most bizarre Disney World trip ever.

This episode features comedy tracks, some of which are Easter-themed, by Yo Gabba Gabba, “Crazy People”, Brak (Cartoon Planet) featuring Freddie Prinze Jr., TV’s Kyle, Gilbert Gottfried & Owen Suskind, Carrie Dahlby, Paul & Storm, Patton Oswalt, Schaffer The Darklord, Tony Goldmark, Insane Ian, Tenacious D, & The Nick Atoms. So devour a bucket of peeps, and ride through your sugar rush with Luke and Carrie and all our guests on Bad Rapport!

Episode length: 2:35:45

Episode #116 – Moonlight Over Winfield And Burbank

LCBR116When you go 6 weeks without posting an episode because it’s the busiest time of your year, that’s how you end up with a 4-HOUR-LONG EPISODE. So just think of this as 3 episodes smushed together, and let’s get down to business, shall we?

A great amount of this episode is coverage of the MarsCon 2015 Dementia Track, featuring the great Luke Ski, Sara Trice, Tony Goldmark, Devo Spice, ShoEboX of Worm Quartet, Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad, TV’s Kyle, Lindsay Carrozza, Kevin Eldridge & Kornflake of the Flopcast, and in a later-at-home recap, Carrie Dahlby.

The middle segment of this episode was taken from Episode #38 of my other podcast “Kyle & Luke Talk About Toons”, in which Kyle Carrozza explains the series of events that resulted in it coming to pass that I, Luke Ski, am heading out to live on he & Lindsay’s couch in Burbank, California for at least 4 to 6 months while I work on the creative team producing Kyle’s new cartoon show “Mighty MagiSwords” for Cartoon Network. Yes, for real. I am going to go work for, and at, Cartoon Network. Take a moment to yourself to freak out about this, as I do virtually every second of my life since I found out the news. (If you already heard this segment on “Toons”, then skip ahead 21 minutes.) We also get Carrie’s reaction to the news that I am leaving town, not sure if this cross-country move is going to be temporary or permanent, and its potential effect on everyone’s favorite lunar-obsessed newly 3-year-old kiddo, Alex.

This episode’s comedy tracks are by Raymond & Scum, Moxy Fruvous, Schaffer The Darklord, Sponge Awareness Foundation, TV’s Kyle featuring Lindsay Carrozza, Rob Paravonian, the great Luke Ski, Mikey Mason, Ookla The Mok, Family Guy, Patton Oswalt, Henry Phillips, Trevor Moore, Whitney Avalon featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Tom ‘T-Bone’ Stankus, The Nick Atoms, Danger Doom, Monty Python’s Spamalot, and Tegan & Sara featuring the Lonely Island live at the 2015 Oscars.

We don’t know how frequently new episodes of “Bad Rapport” will come out after this one, but we do know we want the show to continue, even if it becomes an only-once-in-a-while podcast. In any case, thanks for listening, and thanks for caring. Please leave us some comments, and we’ll talk to you all in not-too-many-moons from now.

Episode length: 4:00:00

Special thanks to Lindsay Carrozza for this episode’s image art.

Episode #115 – Frozen Vs. Hot Sauce

LCBR115The first episode of 2015 begins with a short segment recorded in early January with a special appearance by “Blasted Bill” Putt of the Pod Of Destiny! Next are a couple of segments recorded on Luke’s birthday in mid-January, the latter of which features him talking about his latest song “The Twilight Zone”, and all of which feature Alex being adorable as usual. The show wraps up on Skype on February 1st, with Luke telling Carrie all about his recent visit to Las Vegas with his wife Sara and their friends Matt and Tara.

This episode’s comedy & music tracks are by Heywood Banks, Rathergood.com, the great Luke Ski, Sesame Street, Steve Martin, Ookla The Mok, Veronique Chevalier featuring TV’s Kyle, and MarsCon 2015’s Music Guest Of Honor Rob Paravonian! Speaking of MarsCon, please don’t forget about the MarsCon 2015 Dementia Track Fund Raiser album. Please pick up a copy on MP3 or CD with MP3 today and help pay for the hotel rooms for our non-Guest-of-Honor acts! Thanks, and I hope you all enjoy the show while you’re trapped inside your houses buried in snow.

Episode length: 1:36:48

Episode #114.5 – MarsCon 2015 Dementia Track Fund Raiser Preview


This is not a regular episode of Bad Rapport, this is a commercial for MarsCon 2015 and this year’s Dementia Track Fund Raiser 3-CD & MP3 sets, which you can purchase at MarsCon Dementia dot com.

Songs played:
* Strictly Speaking – TV’s Kyle
, featuring Power Salad
* Shut Up, Ian! – Insane Ian
* Eskimo Pie Is Not Pie And Contains Very Little Eskimo – Worm Quartet
* Almost Parent Time – Carrie Dahlby, featuring Earl ‘Wyngarde’ Luckes
* I’d By That For A Dollar (Four Quarters Ultimix)
      – Scooter Picnic & the great Luke Ski, featuring Lindsay Carrozza
* The Bitch Song – Henry Phillips
* Best Phone – Cirque du So What?
* Toenails – Kornflake
* Pico & Sepulveda – Power Salad,
      featuring the MarsCon 2014 Dementia Track Performers

Episode length: 40:00

Episode #114 – Biohack Your Chipmunks

LCBR114It’s the last day of 2014, so Luke Ski & Carrie Dahlby wrap up the year by telling us what they’ve been up to this holiday season, featuring Carrie’s entrance into the Audubon Society, Alex’s adorable Christmas morning squee captured on audio, and Luke completely forgetting Jennifer Lawrence’s name.

The comedy tracks this time around are by The Muppets, Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy, the great Luke Ski, Insane Ian featuring My Parents Favorite Music, Homer & Jethro, Steve Goodie, Devo Spice featuring Power Salad, Mitch Miller, Daffy Dave, Plucky Duck, The Colbert Report, & Shock Treatment.

So be kind to your web footed friends, for a duck may be somebody’s mother. Be kind to the denizens of the swamp, where the weather is very, very damp. Now you may think that this is the end. Well, it is.

Episode length: 1:53:30

Episode #113 – Squirrel Family Options

LCBR113It’s our annual Christmas episode, which means it’s extra-stuffed full of funny holiday-related tracks from the likes of Paul & Storm, Phineas & Ferb, The Nick Atoms, Hot Waffles, Stephen Colbert, Elephant Larry, Epic Rap Battles Of History, the great Luke Ski, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Patton Oswalt, Garfunkel & Oates, Smooth-E, Richard Cheese, St. Nick, & Devo Spice, and of course Alex the blonde-haired toddler.

For the first time in several months, Luke & Carrie were actually able to get together at a restaurant so they could record a podcast face to face, far away from other distractions and far close to bacon and nachos. In this episode: Carrie tells us of a creepy random encounter with a middle-aged man at a train festival, Luke instigates podcast inception by playing for Carrie a recording of TV’s Kyle talking on the FuMPcast as a means to break some awesomely good news to her, and Luke & Carrie both discuss comedy songs of theirs from the past that didn’t get as much fan love or specific attention as they thought they should have (not that we’re complaining, we’re just pondering why for the purposes of creating quasi-interesting podcast content for you all).

We also tell some ignorance stories and find out what happens when the pendulum of ignorance swings to the entirely opposite extreme, and read your comments from the past 2 episodes. So grab your hot cocoa, or your gelt, or your reindeer jerky or whatever, and enjoy the one episode of the year that’s unapologetically chock full of holiday onslaught.

Episode Length: 2:49:50