Episode #137.5 – MarsCon 2020 Dementia Track Fund Raiser Preview

This is not a regular episode of Bad Rapport, this is a commercial for MarsCon 2020 and this year’s Dementia Track Fund Raiser MP3 album, which you can purchase at MarsCon Dementia dot com at the ‘Shop’ page. It’s only $20 for this nearly 4-hour long MP3 collection of comedy music concert tracks recorded live at MarsCon 2018!

Songs played:

  • Hufflepuffs – Insane Ian
  • Crystal Gems – Cutesylvania, featuring the great Luke Ski
  • Spider Verses – Devo Spice, featuring Jared Ringold, Bonnie Gordon, TV’s Kyle, & the great Luke Ski
  • Alfred Matthew Yankovic – Michael William Hunter
  • Princess Is Captive – The Library Bards
  • Why Can’t I Write This Song? – Carrie Dahlby
  • Tickets To Weird Al In Sarasota – Jeff Whitmire
  • Soup On A Stick – the great Luke Ski
  • Variety Speak – TV’s Kyle & Lindzilla

Episode length: 33:25

It’s also worth pointing out that you can also buy previous year’s live concert MP3 collections, each nearly 4-hours long, dating all the way back to 2007, for just $20 each. Or, you can get ALL 14 COLLECTIONS, which is over 50 hours of live comedy music, for just $100 (only 38% the regular cost)! For that, visit the ‘Past Fundraisers’ page of MarsCon Dementia .com.

Episode #137 – He’s A Sweet Idiot

It’s Christmas Eve and my mother is threatening to blow up my laptop so this is all the description you’re getting. In this episode Carrie and I talk about stuff, and a bunch of comedy songs are played, some of them are holiday themed.

Those tracks are by: Lauren Mayer, Whitney Avalon, Devo Spice, Epic Rap Battles Of History, The Library Bards, Michael William Hunter, Il Neige, Thomas Benjamin WIld Esq., Jonathan Groff, Insane Ian, TV’s Kyle, Marc With A C, Flat 29, Amy Engelhardt, Snoop Dogg & Anna Kendrick, Kevin Murphy, and Carrie Fisher. Have a great holiday season! 🙂

Episode Length: 2:25:52

Episode #136 – Old & Dumb

Well. 10 months, 13 days. That is the new record for the longest we have gone between posting proper episodes of “Luke & Carrie’s Bad Rapport”. My goal was to have this episode posted before Halloween, but instead it is being posted on (in my time zone) November 5th, Guy Fawkes Day. And not knowing it would turn out that way led to me not including the Epic Rap Battle with Guy Fawkes, nor any V for Vendetta references. *exasperated Luke sigh* But I did (upon popular demand) make a couple of our comedy music / track sets filled with all “Halloween” appropriate music, for those of you still getting your spooky fall groove on.

In this episode, we read your comments, Luke tells us a “True Tale” of something that happened to him during a recent Ride-Share Shift, and Carrie talks about getting to teach voice lessons to little kiddos for a “Frozen” Jr. Musical. We also review two new-to-recent-history comedy TV shows we have discovered and totally love, “What We Do In The Shadows” (hence the pic of Carrie dressed as the vampire Nadja from the show), and “Letterkenny” (hence Luke photoshopped as hockey player Reilly from the show). Nadja is old, Reilly is dumb. Get it?

This almost 4-hour-long episode is a pretty even split between the talking parts and the comedy music / other tracks parts. The latter of which features tracks by: “Weird Al” Yankovic, Steven Universe, The Book Of Life, Twisted Sister, featuring Mark Metcalf, SpongeBob Squarepants The Musical, Patton Oswalt, Barack Obama, Boy Meets Robot, Bernie Mac, The Aquabats!, Tony Goldmark, mc chris, TV’s Kyle featuring Lindzilla, Epic Rap Battles Of History, Schaffer The Darklord, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton, Seth MacFarlane, The Lonely Island, Tammy Faye Starlite, Mr. Dooves, the great Luke Ski, Mighty Magiswords, Carrie Dahlby, Devo Spice, Creative Mind Frame a.k.a. 1-UP, Bonnie Gordon, Insane Ian, LEX the Lexicon Artist, Norma Tanega, Mikey Mason, Will Smith, Laila Berzins, Matt Griffo, & Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, featuring Rachel Bloom and Santino Fontana.

We hope and intend to put out our next episode just before Christmas, but it might have to wait until after New Year’s Eve, we’ll see. In any case, we hope to put out episodes on a more regular basis, perhaps every 3 to 4 months, and try to keep them in the realm of lengths of somewhere between just under 2 hours, to an upper limit of 3 hours. It’ll depend on how gabby we get, and how much cool comedy music & tracks we have to play for you guys.

Thanks to all 35 of you for hanging in there with us, and we hope you have an enjoyable rest-of-whatever-this-decade-is-called.

Episode length: 3:56:21

Episode #135.5 – MarsCon 2019 Dementia Track Fund Raiser Preview

This is not a regular episode of Bad Rapport, this is a commercial for MarsCon 2018 and this year’s Dementia Track Fund Raiser MP3 album, which you can purchase at MarsCon Dementia dot com at the ‘Shop’ page. It’s only $20 for this nearly 4-hour long MP3 collection of comedy music concert tracks recorded live at MarsCon 2018!

Songs played:

  • Middle Aged Woman – Donita Smith
  • All I Want For Christmas – Marc With A C
  • Everything Was Terrible And Nothing Was Not On Fire – Starf and Mattari 2600
  • MarioKart 8 With Lyrics – brentalfloss
  • Religion And Politics Ya-Ta-Ta! Ya-Ta-Ta! – Power Salad
  • Sound Check Song – Devo Spice
  • The Moisture Song – Insane Ian
  • Wiggling Is A Luxury We Can’t Afford – TV’s Kyle & Linzilla
  • Finn And Poe – The Library Bards
  • The Crance – M.T. Foyer
  • All My Money – Carrie Dahlby & Alex Rasey
  • Everything’s A Song! (Super Rad! Version!) – the great Luke Ski

Episode length: 33:19

It’s also worth pointing out that you can also buy previous year’s live concert MP3 collections, each nearly 4-hours long, dating all the way back to 2007, for just $20 each. Or, you can get ALL 13 COLLECTIONS, which is over 46 hours of live comedy music, for just $100 (only 42% the regular cost! For that, visit the ‘Past Fundraisers’ page of MarsCon Dementia .com.

Episode #135 – The Ghost Of ChristmasTown

Another 6-and-a-half months, another episode, and in that time yet another visit to California for Carrie and Alex to see a very special Aquabats concert. Per usual, we do our best to hit the highlights of our lives since we last posted an episode, and fill you in on some of the changes in our personal lives that has made making time to record these episodes even harder recently. This one’s just under 3 hours, with a pretty even split between talking (including plugging stuff and reading your comments) and playing comedy tracks for you all, finishing off with a bunch of funny holiday music!

This episode’s comedy tracks are by Cheech Marin, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Monty Python, Moneyshot Cosmonauts, Schaffer The Darklord, the great Luke Ski, Carrie Dahlby, Cirque du So What?, Devo Spice, the Incredibles, Will Arnett, The Aquabats, Alex Rasey, TV’s Kyle, The Arrogant Worms, Paul & Storm, Princess Rap Battles (Whitney Avalon), Art Paul Schlosser, Epic Rap Battles Of History, MC Frontalot, Kyle Kinane, Rachel Bloom, Paul F. Tompkins, brentalfloss, Chris Pine, Shameik Moore, William Shatner, Henry Rollins, The Nick Atoms, Steve Goodie, The Doubleclicks, Fortress Of Attitude, and Lauren Mayer.

We wish you all a merry, happy, joyous life, no matter what time of year it is. Please leave us some comments, and we’ll try to answer them in a new episode that we’ll make as soon as we can. Peace and love to you all!

Episode length: 2:53:18

Episode #134 – The Backlog Of Life

It’s been seven and a half months since we’ve posted a full proper episode of “Bad Rapport”! So are we going to talk about everything we’ve done since then? No! We’re going to talk about Alex & Carrie’s first trip out to California to see “The Aquabats!”, and Carrie’s second trip out to California to see “The Aquabats!”! Also, we do an instant review of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, Carrie talks about her 40th Birthday, our respective Christmas visits with our families, and we have surprise brief interview with “Blasted Bill” Putt of the “Pod Of Destiny” podcast recorded at ConFusion in Michigan. But mainly it’s Carrie talking about the Aquabats. If there isn’t already a show called “The AquaCast!” then this is it, at least for this episode.

Our comedy and music tracks are provided by Suicidal Tendencies, Power Salad, The Meatmen, Dr. Demento, Brak, The Aquabats!, The Misfits, Adam West, The Dead Milkmen, GOGO13, Osaka Popstar, Joan Jett, Carrie Dahlby, the great Luke Ski, Rachel Bloom, Eminem, Ookla The Mok, and Garfunkel & Oates.

Note: the “What’s Luke Plugging Now?” segment was put in the middle of the episode because it made the most sense editing-wise. This episode is brought to you by Roscoe’s Chicken And Waffles. Or at least, we wish it was. Enjoy!

Episode length: 4:04:06

Episode #133.5 – MarsCon 2018 Dementia Track Fund Raiser Preview












This is not a regular episode of Bad Rapport, this is a commercial for MarsCon 2018 and this year’s Dementia Track Fund Raiser MP3 album, which you can purchase at MarsCon Dementia dot com.

Songs played:

  • Unicorns Get More Bacon – Marc With A C
  • Just For You – Devo Spice
  • This Groove Is Too Dope For Us – Scooter Picnic
  • Purple Pete – TV’s Kyle
  • Candybars – the great Luke Ski
  • All About That Space – The Library Bards
  • The MarsCon Life For Me – Judy Tenuta
  • The Pope Song – Judy Tenuta
  • TV’s Kyle and Lindzilla Renew Their Vows – Judy Tenuta
  • Time Warp – The MarsCon 2017 RHPS Cast
  • You’re An Old Lady (Who Used To Be Hot) – the great Luke Ski & friends

Episode length: 36:29

Episode #133 – Christmas Is Awesome!

LCBR133Life has been so crazy for Luke and Carrie the past 2 months, that they don’t even have the time to talk about it right now. So after a brief intro, we get right into playing some holiday comedy music tracks by Neil Patrick HarrisTV’s Kyle, featuring the great Luke Ski and John BerryMr.B The Gentleman RhymerThe Library Bards, The Toy DollsMC LarsGarfunkel & OatesSchaffer The Darklord with BB HeartDevo SpicePaul & Stormand The Aquabats! Coming soon: the MarsCon 2018 Dementia Track Fund Raiser Free Preview episode!

Episode Length: 45:39

Episode #132 – Birdhead

LCBR132Happy Halloween! In this episode we talk about our Halloween costumes for this year, including this amazing Iago hat made by Lindsay Smith! We also dive into the amazing crazy musical world of The Aquabats! They’re Carrie and Alex’s new favorite band, and Luke went to see them in concert. Carrie also does a brief report on OVFF and Alex’s Alexa shenannigans, and Luke talks about the stuff he’s been up to per usual. And hey, this episode is only 1 hour and 43 minutes, our shortest episode in a very long time! That leaves you more time for trick or treating! Cool!

This episode’s comedy & music tracks are by The Aquabats!, Devo Spice, TV’s Kyle, MC Cool Whip featuring Schaffer The Darklord, Professor Elemental, Tom Smith, Paul & Storm, & Scooter Picnic. And I’m only now realizing I forgot to do the “What’s at the FuMP?” segment during plug time, so, uh, go see what’s at the FuMP yourself at www.TheFuMP.com!

Episode length: 1:43:36

Episode #131 – Breaking Doornail

LCBR131In this episode we recap FuMPFeST 2017, including playing the demo versions of 5 of Luke Ski’s new “Dumb Parody Ideas” interstitial tracks, as well as an audio clip of a woman named after a lumber fastener in the midst of a hysterical fit (see attached pic).

Then Luke and Carrie take turns recapping some highlights of other stuff they’ve been up to in 2017 besides MarsCon, the Rasey’s L.A. Visit, and FuMPFeST.

We even actually get around to reviewing a piece of media, the movie “The Big Sick” starring Kumail Nanjiani.

This episode’s comedy & music tracks are by Worm QuartetbrentalflossEpic Rap Battles Of HistoryGame Grumps & Master Sword and Em-One2d6 featuring Detox The Kidthe great Luke SkiScooter PicnicInsane IanRichard CheeseKobi LaCroixThe SockapellasOokla The MokMST3KSchaffer The DarklordHenry RollinsMegathrusterHow I Met Your Mother“Weird Al” YankovicGarfunkel And OatesThe Four PostmenWhimsical Will, & Tenacious D.

We also read your comments, so if you’d like a comment of yours read in the next episode, please leave one here, won’t you? We’re one more newbie commenter away from having a confirmed number of at least one full third of 100 listeners! (You do the math.)

Episode length: 4:01:58