Episode #128 – Fish, Shame, and Cheetos

LCBR128Three months have gone by since the last full episode has posted, the timing of which means that (besides promotional episode #127.5), we went completely through MarsCon season with out me posting an episode. In fact, Carrie and I finished recording all the segments of this episode 7 weeks ago (before MarsCon 2017), and I am only now getting around to editing and posting it for you all.  I apologize for the delay, but hopefully this is an indication of how busy I’ve been lately between creating the MarsCon Dementia Track and my day job making the best cartoon show ever “Mighty MagiSwords”.

In this episode we recap our 2016-to-2017 holiday season experiences, Luke’s visits to the Midwest and Carrie’s visit to the hospital. We also went to the Volo Auto Museum where we got a picture with a replica of “Greased Lightning” because “Grease Wars”. Speaking of fast cars, Luke is very excited that there’s a new arcade game in the “Cruis’n” franshise.

This episode’s comedy & music tracks are by The FuMP, The Gregory Brothers, “The Lego Batman Movie”, Insane Ian, “The Flash” & “Supergirl”, Tony Goldmark, the great Luke Ski, “Tangled”, “Moana”, “Beauty And The Beast”, StarF, Devo Spice, Da Vinci’s Notebook, The Library Bards, and Power Salad.

Tune in next time for our MarsCon 2017 recap, which will hopefully post sometime before FuMPFeST 2017. 🙂

Episode length: 3:24:44

Episode #127.5 – MarsCon 2017 Dementia Track Fund Raiser Preview












This is not a regular episode of Bad Rapport, this is a commercial for MarsCon 2017 and this year’s Dementia Track Fund Raiser MP3 album, which you can purchase at MarsCon Dementia dot com.

Songs played:
* I Ain’t Fundin’ That Shit Katie Goodman
* Dinky McDiddlyboots
Devo Spice
* Boo! (I’m A Ghost!)
Schaffer The Darklord
* Phil Took My Dolphin Away
TV’s Kyle
* There’s No Link Between All Of This (And Cheese)
TV’s Kyle
* I’m Vambre Warrior
the great Luke Ski, featuring Carrie Dahlby
* Kylo (Lionel Richie version)
Insane Ian
* Smell My Nipple, Win A Prize
Devo Spice
* Second Week Of Deer Camp
the great Luke Ski, featuring the FuMP

Episode length: 32:27

Episode #127 – Punchin’ In The Zeroes And Ones

LCBR127Luke and Carrie have returned to make podcasting great again. Will we succeed? Probably not in a bigly way, but here’s an unpresidented new episode anyways. With the 2016 being the metaphorical dumpster fire it has been, Luke decided to fight the suckitude by making a list of all the positive things that have happened to him this year, and here he covers the past 2 months worth of it. Carrie also tells us of her last 2 months, including Alex’s new fascination with classic rock, and in particular a certain song by “Journey”.

Our comedy music tracks for this episode, the back half of which are Christmas tunes, are by Epic Rap Battles Of HistoryJohnny AlohaHenry PhillipsStephen LynchThe Library BardsMighty MagiSwordsPrincess Rap Battle (Whitney Avalon)the great Luke SkiWorm QuartetMike PhirmanSteve Goodie, Flat 29The Gothsicles featuring Tara DuhanbrentalflossPaul & StormTV’s KyleThe Royal GuardsmenCrazy Ex-Girlfriend (Rachel Bloom), SNL featuring Kenan Thompson, Chance The Rapper, DMC, and Leslie Jones, and Stephen Colbert & Elvis Costello.

We also read your latest comments, and our listener count goes up to 29! If you’d like to be assigned a Listener Number to make our count go even higher, leave a comment here, or call 916-LUKE-SKI and leave a comment there. Now go forth and enjoy your holiday season any way you want it.

Episode length: 2:42:48

Episode #126 – Needlessly Meta

LCBR126After correcting my oversight from the previous episode, we are now up to 27 confirmed numbered listeners! Woo hoo! As much as we all love the number 27, I still want that number to go up. So if you haven’t been assigned a number yet, please LEAVE A COMMENT on this episode and you’ll be assigned one!

This episode was mostly recorded when Carrie and Alex visited Luke in California this month, and is mostly our belated coverage of the events of FuMPFeST 2016. We start off at Chili John’s in Burbank, one of Luke’s favorite places to eat in the city that has been home for everyone from Johnny Carson to Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. We end with a quick recap of some of the other things Luke and Carrie have been up to the past month, which of course includes the TV Series premiere of “Mighty MagiSwords” on Cartoon Network!

After game show geek-traitor Alex Trebek called all nerdcore artists “Losers” on an episode of Jeopardy this week, it put me in the mood to fill this episode full of awesome nerdcore acts as my personal way of saying “Suck it, Trebek!” So buckle in for songs & cameos from the likes of Schaffer The Darklord, Positude, Professor Elemental, Devo Spice, MC Lars, MC Frontalot, mc chris, Beefy, MC Hawking, Richie Branson, Mikal kHill, Sammus, YTCracker, Dual Core, Jesse Dangerously, Mega Ran, Dr. Awkward, & ZeaLouS1. But that’s not all! I have a bunch of other comedy music loaded up for you by the great Luke Ski featuring Carrie Dahlby, TV’s Kyle featuring Lindzilla, Jonathan Coulton, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Worm Quartet, Library Bards, Flat 29, They Might Be Giants, Danny Elfman, BaldBox featuring Possible Oscar, & Consortium Of Genius, some of which is themed for Halloween or the Election, whichever scares you more! oooOOOooo!

Thanks for listening, don’t forget to COMMENT, and please request “I’m Vambre Warrior” by Luke Ski & Carrie Dahlby for “The Dr. Demento Show” along with your email address so it counts for the Top Ten! 😀

Episode length: 3:57:52

Episode #125 – Prohyas & Vambre’s Best Rapport

LCBR125As soon as I finished editing and posting this episode, I came to the website to post it and discovered a whole bunch of comments from people that never got displayed at the website because they were not ‘Approved’, because the site stopped emailing me the notifications that alerted me to their existence and need for approval. So to all the people whose comments didn’t get read, I apologize, and I will read your comments on the next episode, and get your numbers assigned to you. Thanks so much for listening and commenting! 🙂

In this episode, Carrie delves headlong into the world of PokeMon Go, we talk about our “Day Out With Thomas” the Tank Engine, and Luke tells us what he did this summer. We also have a segment recorded live at FuMPFeST 2016 we did in character and in costume as Prohyas and Vambre Warrior from “Mighty MagiSwords”. Our comedy and music tracks this time around are by Steve GoodieFlobotsSean CullenTV’s Kyle“Weird Al” YankovicLemon Demonthe great Luke Ski featuring Carrie DahlbyMighty MagiSwordsInsane Ian featuring Devo SpiceNuclear Bubble WrapBuckner & GarciaMC Lars & SposeBig DaddyStraight No ChaserAlex RaseyPower SaladThe GomersThe Gothsicles featuring Worm QuartetHot WafflesArt Paul SchlosserPaul & StormThe Library BardsFlight Of The Conchords, & Marc Gunn. Gee, I kinda went crazy with the music here, didn’t I? Well, when it’s 3 months between episodes, it makes me want to load these episodes with even more awesome comedy music. Thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy the podcast! 🙂

Episode Length: 3:41:54

Episode #124 – Mammogramophone

lcbr124bYou give us 2 months, we’ll give you an episode. This time around we read the massive glut of COMMENTS from all 16 OF OUR LISTENERS! Yes, the numbering of our listeners has begun! If you’d like to get assigned a number and be counted among the over-a-dozen listeners we’ve amassed in the 6+ years we’ve been doing this podcast, then leave a comment here, or call 916-LUKE-SKI and leave a comment on our voice mail line!

We also review Season One of “DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow”, the only TV show Carrie has been able to keep current on amid her busy parenting lifestyle. How much of that has to do with actor Wentworth Miller, we can only speculate. We also get caught up on what we’ve been up to lately, and Carrie invents a new form of hands-free lingerie-mounted Skype device.

This episode’s comedy & music tracks are by The Lonely Island featuring Adam Levine, Christopher Walken, Paul & StormWorm Quartet, the Gothsicles, the Four Postmen, the Simpsons, Sudden Death featuring the great Luke Ski and the Nick Atoms, the Arrogant Worms featuring Carrie Dahlby, Game Grumps, and the Consortium Of Genius.

Until next time, we’ll be chillin’. Because, uh, Captain Cold, um, yeah. Reference.

Episode length: 2:18:24


Episode #123 – Enthusiastic, Sober, And Paying Attention

LCBR123One does not simply recap MarsCon in a podcast that lasts less than 4 hours long… Well, maybe they do on other podcasts, but not us. I simply don’t have the time to edit things down, because I’m far too busy secretly writing song parodies and coordinating the creation of elaborate costumes, wigs, and props, so as to surprise said MarsCon audiences with such things, as Carrie and I are so pictured here. The primary target of this “Mighty Magiswords” related surprise of course was show-creator and Prohyas-voicer “TV’s Kyle” Carrozza and his epic wife Lindsay Smith, who join us on this podcast to talk all about the big she-bang that went down. The rest of the episode is mostly just Carrie and I recapping MarsCon 2016, inexplicably recorded on holidays again, including Easter, April Fool’s Day, and we’re posting it today which is Dr. Demento’s birthday, which isn’t a national holiday, but should be.

The comedy & music tracks in this episode are by the great Luke Ski featuring Carrie Dahlby, TV’s Kyle, Power Salad, The Frantics, The Gothsicles, Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone featuring Bob Saget, Tenacious D, Dave Cox, The Consortium Of Genius, Tom Smith, MC Lars, Da Yoopers, Katie Goodman & Soren Kisiel, Melissa Rauch, The Arrogant Worms, and Cobra Starship.

Oh, and one more thing, PLEASE LEAVE US COMMENTS!!! Our past 2 episodes had zero comments, so please leave us some kind of comment so we know that anybody out there is actually listening to this, which I realize in and of itself is a long shot. In any case, hope you enjoy listening to the show as you simply walk into Mordor.

Episode Length: 4:18:30

Episode #122 – Ottoman Subterfuge

LCBR1226 months to the day since our last episode, Luke & Carrie’s Bad Rapport returns from it’s long hiatus with an episode recorded mostly on or near major holidays. Those being Halloween (at Disneyland), Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and today, which is Carrie’s Birthday!

While we don’t recap everything that’s happened in the past 6 months, we do touch upon many of the highlights, including Carrie & Alex’s trip to California to visit Luke, and Luke’s continued experiences at his awesome new job as a storyboarder, writer, and voice-over person for “Mighty MagiSwords” at Cartoon Network.

Luke is currently preparing for MarsCon 2016, and the annual Fund Raiser album full of live tracks from MarsCon 2015 is available at the shop page at MarsConDementia.com. It’s just $20 for the 4-hour-long downloadable album. And if you’d like to hear a 30 minute long FREE PREVIEW of the collection, go to ManicMondays.net and listen to episode #450 (we usually post that here, but this time Devo Spice was kind enough to let us post it there).

The comedy & music tracks for this episode are by the cast of Frozen Fever, The Nerdist featuring Whitney Avalon, TV’s Kyle featuring Lindzilla, Shel Silverstein, Steve Goodie, Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake, Da Yoopers, Tom Lehrer, The FuMP, Schaffer The Darklord, The Rifftones, Doc & Mharti, Rick & Morty via Eclectic Method, Epic Rap Battles Of History, Game Grumps, and “Weird Al” Yankovic.

So rejoice, y’all. “Bad Rapport” is back. I don’t know how often we’ll be posting new episodes, but it’ll surely be much more frequently than one every 6 months. Hope to see you all at MarsCon 2016.

Episode length: 2:07:04

Episode #121 – Luke & Stephanie’s Good Rapport 2

LCBR121The first part of this episode features the return of one of Luke’s best friends, Stephanie, who came out to California so she could celebrate her 40th birthday at Disneyland with Luke. They recap her visit while driving through East L.A., eating at Wienerschnitzel, and driving through Burbank just before she left to take the train home.

The second part is our Gen Con Indy 2015 recap, which starts off at Gen Con itself with Luke, Carrie, Ken, Sara, Erin, & Alex. We finish it up on Skype with just Luke & Carrie after Luke returned to Burbank.

The third part has Carrie recapping her July & August, followed by Luke doing the same. Then we read your comments, and cut to Luke & Kyle letting you know ‘What’s Luke Plugging Now?’

The comedy and music tracks in the episode are by Cheech & Chong, The Muppets, Epic Rap Battles Of History, Disney, The Aristocats, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, the great Luke Ski, Mighty MagiSwords, Monty Python’s Spamalot, Art Paul Schlosser, Power Salad, Throwing Toasters, Rowdy Roddy Piper, & Game Grumps Animated.

It’ll be quite a while until we put out another episode. If I had to guess, I’d say late October at the earliest, but we make no promises. So Carrie and I sincerely hope you enjoy this episode until whenever the next episode happens. In the mean time, you can still hear Luke every other Sunday on “Kyle & Luke Talk About Toons” (http://www.kyleandluke.com), and rejoice for the return of Luke & Carrie’s favorite podcast, “Flat 29’s Big Book Of Everything”, which can be heard at http://www.flat29.com ! If you were to ask Emperor Palpatine if you should listen to those podcasts, he would tell you to “DO IT!”

Episode length: 3:11:33

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Episode #120 – Joe Nobody And The Beast Machine

It’s our second annual recap of the events of FuMPFeST! Luke & Carrie break down their weekend at the Funny Music Project Festival for 2015 from each of their points of view; Carrie’s done while managing a toddler, and Luke’s done while managing the fact that this was the first time he has visited home since heading off to Cartoon-land.

Following that, Carrie and Luke take turns getting caught up with other cool events of their respective past June, including Carrie’s lap-dance-tastic time at a “Weird Al” concert, and Luke’s first ever time recording voices for animation at a “Mighty MagiSwords” session.

Inspired by the Scope podcast’s Episode #207 YouTube thumbnail image of Luke & Kyle coupled with their episode title “Joe Nobody And The Beast Machine” across their chests (which I assume is the maniacal workings of Jared Ringold), Luke and Kyle decided that “Joe Nobody And The Beast Machine” are their A.M. Radio Disc Jockey Personas, which we shift into frequently during the “What’s Luke Plugging Now?” segment.

This episode’s comedy & music tracks are by some combination of TV’s Kyle featuring Lindsay Smith, Joe Caruso, Scooter Picnic, Carrie Dahlby, the great Luke Ski, Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh, Devo Spice, Rhett & Link, Insane Ian featuring Bonecage, Whitney Avalon & Yvonne Strahovski, Michael Aitch Price And His Musical Miscreants, Ookla The Mok, Eddie Lawrence, Whimsical Will, “Blasted Bill” Putt  featuring Cirque du So What?, Stephen Colbert, & Eclectic Method.

Indicators seem to indicate that this podcast has become monthly, and each episode will be nearly 4 hours long. We’ll all just have to wait and see if that remains or not. So step on up and get’cher content, internet consumers!

Episode Length: 3:45:37